HAZLETON, PA THE FIRST CITY TO CHARGE FOR PARKING WITHOUT AN ACTUAL METER: Pango launches citywide allowing drivers to pay with their phones

August 25, 2016

Pango launches citywide allowing drivers to pay with their phones


NEW YORK, NY – August 24, 2016 – Neil Edwards, president of Pango, a FinTech company providing mobile payments for smart cities and transit, today announced the expansion of Pango’s pay for parking payment app into the City of Hazleton, PA. The use of the app-driven payment system will be required to park on certain streets throughout the city and will replace the function of a typical parking meter.


“Up until today many cities across the country have been offering mobile payment for parking exclusively as a convenient alternative to traditional meter payment,” said Mr. Edwards. “Hazleton is the first city to offer the technology without the use of traditional parking meters also always being offered. They are setting a standard for other cities who may be looking to replace outdated meters or add an additional source of revenue to the city.”

The Pango parking payment system will replace the need for Hazleton to conduct costly repairs on or the replacement of nearly a third of their meters.

“The City of Hazleton is enthusiastic to add more advanced technology like Pango for City parking that will accommodate shoppers, employees and residents,” said Hazleton Mayor Jeff Cusat. “Pango offers a convenient and easy way to monitor the parking without the city needing to make expensive purchases on new meters and maintenance.”

Pango’s mobile payment app allows residents and visitors of Hazleton to conveniently pay for parking and extend the parking from their mobile device. Users will receive alerts 7 minutes before their parking is set to expire. They can return to their car and move it prior to the expiration or elect to extend the parking without the hassle of returning to the parked vehicle. Signage will be installed on metered and unmetered streets throughout the city and stickers will be placed on parking meters that will tell people about the Pango program and provide instructions for downloading and using the smartphone app. Another benefit of the Pango program is that a person can pay to park in a particular zone and use any remaining time they’ve purchased to park at a different spot within that zone.

The Pango app is available for Apple iOS, Andorid, and Blackberry devices. Those who do not have access to a smart device can pay for parking by calling a toll free number.

“I think Hazleton is at the start of a trend we will start seeing in other communities around the country. That being; the death of the parking meter,” added Mr. Edwards.

About Pango USA, LLC.
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