Parking By Phone acquires Pango USA

October 13, 2016


Parking By Phone acquires Pango USA


Luis Garma, Executive President of Parking By Phone, announced the acquisition and merger of Pango USA, LLC with Parking By Phone company. Parking By Phone is a Mobile FinTech company providing Smart Cities and Enterprises with a suite of mobile Solutions and Services, including parking payment, tax payment, enforcement, mobile ticketing, transit payment, local advertising and more.


Under the agreement, Parking By Phone owns and takes over the US operations for Pango including the customer contracts, the intellectual property, the daily operations, the Pango software, the Pango brand name, and employees. The company is headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida, but will be expanding their physical presence around the USA including the office in Philadelphia.

“We are excited to add Pango to the family of smart city and enterprise solutions which we provide globally,” said Luis Garma, Executive President. “Pango has a good customer base, world class technology, and great employees who are changing the landscape in the US market. We will be making major investments in Pango’s software, marketing, and employees in the coming months ahead. We look forward to provide new value added services to our customers than ever before.”

Parking By Phone International is represented in the transaction by Adv. Mimi Zemah, founder and head of hi-tech department at Zemah-Schneider & Partners law firm, Israel.

Parking By Phone brand and other Pango brand implemented worldwide is working with more than 100 cities in Europe, Latin America and the US. The company boasts some blue chip customers such as the City of Madrid, Barcelona or San Juan. By joining Pango we enter to the US market with more than 20 cities, including Philadelphia, PA, Alexandria, VA, Phoenix, AZ, and more than 250,000 registered users.

“We are excited to join the Pango USA family,” said Yossi Ben Harosh, CEO of Parking By Phone International. “Parking By Phone vision of providing Mobile Smart City Solutions and coupled with the execution track record to win globally is the perfect place for Pango USA. Pango is a great addition to our vision, and we look forward to position ourselves strongly in the North American market.”

About Parking By Phone
Parking By Phone is a new collaborative Mobile Smart City Ecosystem. We provide citizens with an ultimate digital experience including but not limited to parking, transportation, ticketing and some other value added city’s services. Started in 2005 the Company owns intellectual property, technological know-how, patents, trademarks, etc., as well as the software platform which is currently providing services in Europe, Latin America and the US.

About PangoPango
Pango is the FinTech company providing payment solutions to smart cities and universities. Its offerings include mobile payments, navigation, and smart routing. Pango offers real time enforcement and traffic analytics. Pango is available in more than 60 cities worldwide, serving more than one million active accounts. Invented in 1997, Pango received patents (US Patent No. 5,940,481) for this first-of-its-kind technology in the United States, China, Hong-Kong and Israel; it has been in use since 2006. For more information on Pango, visit

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