DESIGNA in the land of “the boot” – New projects brought to life in Italy

November 04, 2016



DESIGNA in the land of “the boot”
New projects brought to life in Italy


In the eleventh book of The Odyssey, Homer called the Italian island of Sicily “The Island of the Sun”: in June, DESIGNA installed new parking management systems in the Sicilian cities of Catania and Noto.


The first SLIMPARK system in Sicily was recently inaugurated in Noto, whose old town is a UNESCO world heritage site, in collaboration with Italian partner ParkService.

Five ABACUS systems have initially been installed in the capital Catania as part of the Smart City project, which allows visitors to park in designated parking spaces and take the bus into the city free of charge. Two more will follow.



In 1951 DESIGNA became Germany’s first producer and supplier of parking meters. DESIGNA’s history of innovation continued. At the end of the seventies, the Kiel-based enterprise was able to to introduce its first fully automatic parking system. The company’s programme has now been further developed to encompass fully comprehensive solutions, from the design and planning phase right through to the installation and service of fully automatic parking systems. The experience DESIGNA has acquired over the last 50 years continues to benefit customers at every stage of the project.