MeterFeeder: Etna Starts Using New Mobile App for Parking

November 01, 2016


Etna Starts Using New Mobile App for Parking



Etna, PA – Starting mid November, Etna will be accepting payments through a mobile app called MeterFeeder for its small bustling business community. Etna’s diverse business community currently has over 160 small and large scale business and MeterFeeder will be launched right before the holiday season starts. The MeterFeeder mobile payment app will be available as an added convenience to all business customers, residents, and visitors who frequently have to pay for parking in Etna.



The free MeterFeeder parking app offers customers location-based parking rates which can be paid for and activated from their mobile devices. When parking is about to expire the app will send a notification to the customers to extend parking time for their expiring meter. The app will also store license plate numbers and credit card information for future use eliminating the need to enter customer information multiple times. Customers can also opt to receive receipts and pay any parking ticket issued by the Borough by scanning the unique QR code printed on the ticket through the MeterFeeder app.

Mayor of Etna Tom Rengers said, “ As Mayor of Etna, I was impressed with the technology upgrade and low-cost solution MeterFeeder presented to our wonderful community. Etna council, borough administration, and the police department are excited to work with this innovative Pittsburgh-based technology company, as Etna moves into a progressive era with our parking infrastructure. ” MeterFeeder’s Director of Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Warner Macklin III is also delighted to forge this key relationship with Etna and said, “We are looking forward to working with such a historic community as Etna. We strive to innovate with local communities and make the parking payment and enforcement experience seamless and easy for everyone.”

To make it seamless on both enforcement and parking side, Etna is also going to use MeterFeeder’s enforcement tools to issue tickets for parking violations. This will work in tandem with the MeterFeeder’s mobile payment app and all payment information will be available for the enforcement officers in real-time.

As a technology first company, Meter Feeder, Inc. focuses on usability and efficiency and taking a new approach to solving the existing parking issues and presenting new ways to introduce smart parking solutions.


Rubaiya Amin

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