OmniPark: Permitting-Our Way

November 16, 2016




OmniPark: Permitting-Our Way


PermitPoint is a cutting edge in technology, offered by OmniPark.  PermitPoint is an online customer self-service portal for monthly permit purchasing, account management, and renewal. OmniPark software uses real-time data transfer between handhelds and OmniPark servers. PermitPoint provides an online, mobile friendly, portal that allows customers to purchase permits via a branded webpage. OmniPark’s Backoffice Software is the transformative engine that aggregates data from our products (and others) into actionable intelligence.


PermitPoint data can be managed easily and effectively. With the new reporting functionality of PermitPoint Software, Owners and Operators have the reporting capabilities to efficiently and accurately manage their monthly parking. Parking management and analytics are available 24/7 through cloud-based web portal.



About OmniPark

Based in Washington state, OmniPark is a software technology company committed to creating highly integrated and innovative parking software platforms and support solutions. To learn more about OmniPark, visit:


OmniPark develops fully-integrated parking management software solutions ideal for surface lots, private lots, municipalities and many other applications. OmniPark tools include a hosted desktop application, license plate recognition, mobile enforcement tools, permit direct fulfillment, software for handheld inventory devices, pay-by-phone services and electronic pay-boxes.