Secure vehicle access to 500 million bottles of San Pellegrino with Nedap

November 03, 2016


Secure vehicle access to 500 million bottles of San Pellegrino with Nedap



When transporting 500 million of bottles of soft drinks per year, ensuring only authorized vehicles and drivers get access to the site is a real challenge. This was the case for the international brand San Pellegrino. The Italian company chose Nedap’s solution for secure vehicle access to their factory sites. The installation of Nedap’s long-range vehicle identification solution was realized by Microntel with the collaboration of ADP.


San Pellegrino, or S.Pellegrino, is a soft drink company based in the Italian spa town of San Pellegrino Terme in the province of Bergamo. The company that was founded in 1899 is known worldwide for its mineral water San Pellegrino and was acquired by Nestlé in 1997. The mineral water is now being exported to most countries worldwide.



500 million of bottles

The annual production of San Pellegrino exceeds the 500 millions of bottles. Most of these bottles are being transported by trucks and other large vehicles. It is therefore important for the Italian company to make sure that only authorized vehicles enter the site of the company.

Efficient access control


In order to realize vehicle access control at the entrances and exits of the site, Nedap’s TRANSIT Ultimate readers were installed. This high-end reader identifies vehicles and its drivers up to 10 meters.

Nedap’s patented Prox-Booster solution is used for vehicles that only need to get access when occupied by an authorized driver. The long-range vehicle identification tag ensures that only valid combinations of drivers and vehicles get access. It is the perfect solution when vehicles are used by different drivers. The Prox-Booster supports reading of the standard 125kHz EM card, which is the existing driver credential applied for access control throughout the site. The Prox- Booster is used for vehicles owned by San Pellegrino, to monitor driver and truck combinations. Besides the Prox- Booster, the Window Button Switch is used for identification of vehicles that get occasional or temporary access to the site. This tag is designed for applications where the driver determines the time and distance of the identification (user activation).


Once the vehicle and driver are identified by the TRANSIT Ultimate, the access management system of Microntel makes sure the barrier opens after verifying if the combination is authorized. Every activity is then registered in a log file for data processing. The security staff can monitor all handling activities.


In control of all vehicles

The combined access control solution of Nedap and Microntel offers a better control of all vehicles entering and leaving the secured sites. As a result San Pellegrino knows exactly who got access and when. Drivers enjoy the comfort of fast procedures when arriving to the gates in order to pick up a cargo or depart with a vehicle full of bottles.


This installation was realized by Microntel in collaboration with ADP.