INDECT – Reginald Randolph, General Manager of Houston First’s Theater Parking Garage, Named Innovator of the Year by National Parking Association

December 19, 2016



Reginald Randolph, General Manager of Houston First’s Theater Parking Garage, Named Innovator of the Year by National Parking Association



Houston, TX (December 19, 2016)—Reginald Randolph, general manager of the Houston First Theater District Parking Garage, has been named Innovator of the Year by the National Parking Association (NPA).


NPA presents the award each year to the individual who demonstrates cutting-edge expertise, smart city innovation, and advancement of technology in the parking industry. Randolph was recognized for leading a fully integrated, organization-wide technology upgrade to enhance the parker experience and increase operational efficiency. The 3,400-space parking facility serves Houston’s busy Theater District.


“It is an honor to be recognized as Innovator of the Year,” said Randolph. “Houston’s Theater District has two million visitors every year, and the Houston First Theater Parking Garage is one of the most important parking facilities serving those visitors, as well as daytime workforce employees. The parking technologies that we’ve incorporated have dramatically improved the parking experience for everyone who uses the garage.”


The Houston First Theater District Parking Garage’s technology suite includes a number of cutting-edge tools, including a state-of-the-art cloud-based parking access revenue control system and 95 cameras and two-way communication that allow customers to interface with parking staff at the touch of a button. The garage also offers a barcode system that simplifies parking validation. Finally, the technology suite also includes an INDECT parking guidance system with customizable matrix signage, strategically located throughout the garage, to help parkers find available spaces quickly.


The INDECT system is a software-driven guidance package that features RGB LED sensors above each parking space. If the sensor is green, the space is open. Red means occupied and blue is for HP parkers. The system is customizable and the sensor colors can be controlled from either a computer or a hand-held device. The system’s reporting capability allows Randolph and his staff to adjust as needed in real-time, shifting general purpose spaces to other uses, such as handicap parking. The INDECT system also includes customizable matrix signage at the garage entrance, as well as strategically installed way-finding signs throughout the facility, to let parkers know how many spaces are vacant and their location.


“This award is well deserved,” said Dale Fowler, director of INDECT USA. “Reginald Randolph is one of America’s most innovative parking leaders, and he has done an extraordinary job of integrating technology into his garage to improve customer service.”


INDECT is the leading provider of parking guidance systems. INDECT’s systems combine the most advanced parking space sensors with industry-leading data management technology to offer drivers a safer, more convenient parking experience while helping parking owners operate their parking assets more efficiently and profitably. INDECT USA can be found online at