Intelligence-led enforcement helps NSL secure contract extension

December 09, 2016

Intelligence-led enforcement helps NSL secure contract extension




Manchester City Council has confirmed a two-year contract extension with NSL, who enforce parking restrictions on behalf of the Council.



“NSL has shown the benefits of insight and foresight in helping to ensure they enforce as effectively and efficiently as possible,” says Chris Aylward, Account Director for NSL. “The positive impact of a progressive approach to enforcement has prompted the two-year contract extension.”


The contract announcement will see NSL take responsibility for managing the Council’s vehicle removal pound. The company will also be building on the success of a number of new on-street enforcement initiatives, including more responsive deployment of Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) on foot patrols, as well as mobile patrols on bicycles and in vehicles.


The recent clampdown on persistent evaders in the city who regularly ignore parking restrictions, have unpaid Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) and those that are avoiding payment of vehicle excise duty – car tax – has proved particularly effective. Targeting of the fraudulent use of Blue badges and a drive to improve compliance with parking regulations around school entrances have also proved successful.


“We’re absolutely delighted to be extending our support for Manchester City Council,” says NSL’s Executive Director for Local Government, Mark Hoskin. “Our work with the Council has benefitted a great deal from our commitment to relentless service improvement, which has acted as a catalyst for adopting new deployment models, new technologies and innovative service solutions.


“There is absolutely no excuse for flouting regulations, irresponsible parking and refusing to pay penalty charges. Advanced technologies and insight are now enabling us to take a very firm approach for targeting persistent offenders and the selfish behaviours of some motorists who create inconvenience and frustration for other road users and often cause potentially dangerous obstructions. Working in close partnership with the Council, we’re now looking forward to taking such positive developments onto the next level.”


Originally appointed by Manchester City Council in 2002, NSL is responsible for on-street enforcement, vehicle removal and Blue Badge Fraud support.




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About NSL:

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