Pango USA appoints John J. Incandela as the new CEO

December 16, 2016



Pango USA appoints John J. Incandela as the new CEO



Miami, FL – December 15, 2016 – Pango has announced the appointment of John J. Incandela as the new President & CEO for the US operation. John has over thirty years of combined experience in the parking, manufacturing, technology and Government sectors. He has worked with and overseen municipalities on and off street parking projects, as well as private operator’s off street locations throughout North America. As a Senior Executive, he has been responsible for ensuring his companies met their commitments to stakeholders and clients by leading targeted initiatives in the areas of finance, administration and business development. A seasoned professional and effective leader with a proven ability to strategically plan, execute and maintain business to maximize results. Pango has just introduced their new branding as well as their new Pango 4.0 and Pango Save designed to make the end-user experience customer friendly and efficient.


About Pango USA, LLC.


Pango is the FinTech company providing mobile payment services for parking, transit, ride-hail and other city services. Its offerings include mobile payments, navigation, and smart routing. Pango offers real time enforcement and traffic analytics and is available in more than 60 cities worldwide, serving more than one million active accounts. Invented in 1997, Pango received US Patent No. 5,940,481. With its Corporate Headquarters based in Miami, Florida, Pango has introduced first- of-its-kind technology in the United States; it has been in use since 2006.


Pango USA was acquired by Parking By Phone last October 2016. Parking By Phone is a Mobile FinTech company providing Smart Cities and Enterprises with a suite of mobile Solutions and Services, including parking payment, tax payment, enforcement, mobile ticketing, transit payment, local advertising, insurances and more.


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