VIMOC Technologies Launches Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform for Smart Parking Management in The City of Redwood City

December 05, 2016

VIMOC Technologies Launches Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform for Smart Parking Management in The City of Redwood City



Intelligent Garage Will Capture Parking Analytics to Improve Occupancy Utilization, City Revenue



MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA– VIMOC Technologies today announced it has completed delivery and integration of its platform for parking and automated building management in The City of Redwood City enabling vehicle detection, superior accuracy in occupancy counting and reporting, and enhanced revenue optimization in two multi-story parking garages.

The solution utilizes VIMOC’s IoT platform and the Rosella™ Embedded Predictive Modeling module and artificial intelligence (AI) framework to observe, model and identify patterns for improved utilization of parking infrastructure in the City.

The Rosella Application Programming Interface (API) and User Interface (UI) also enable developers to build apps and reporting tools for both citizens and government transportation managers. By using a simple interface, garage operators can create and post customized messages on digital signage and control other third-party, mobile parking apps through its open platform.

Traditional magnetic loops are embedded in concrete and asphalt and used in garages to detect vehicles as they pass. The VIMOC solution virtualizes the magnetic loop by using image sensors that capture data on an intelligent computing edge device called the neuBox™. This data is then used to calculate the number of available parking spaces in the garage and send that information in real-time to high-resolution, color LED signs mounted in the garage and on the street. The historical data can then be used to predict future parking behaviors and recommend changes required for improved utilization and labor costs.

Said Aaron Aknin, The City of Redwood City’s Assistant City Manager and Community Development Director, “Redwood City is a leader in adopting technology to improve mobility and services for our residents, local businesses and visitors. Integrating VIMOC’s solution was a critical step in our long-term strategy to leverage intelligent networks to improve City management and make Redwood City a Smart City.”

The solution is the first intelligent vehicle counting system to enable accuracy on two-way, non-delineated ramps. It has been deployed in the garage located at 750 Marshall Street with a capacity of 387 spaces and at 850 Jefferson Avenue with a capacity of 585 spaces.

“By leveraging our expertise in machine learning, sensory networks and distributed computing VIMOC is revolutionizing traditional industries like parking and city infrastructure automation,” said Tarik Hammadou, CEO and founder of VIMOC Technologies. “We help parking garage operators achieve an increase in

occupancy, revenue and driver satisfaction. Speed of deployment, cost-effective scalability, and ease of management are key benefits of the VIMOC solution.”

VIMOC’s distributed computing platform extends cloud computing near the edge of the network, offering high-scalability, security and cost-effective management of smart infrastructure services. VIMOC calls this Landscape Computing. Data is collected and processed through a neural mesh network framework and sensors across a city or campus through the neuBox™, an AI computing node. By migrating intelligence closer to the edge of the network, the very environment in which we live becomes the computer.

The VIMOC platform currently supports additional applications for urban planning and smart city analytics including pedestrian safety, traffic flow and water and wastewater management.



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