January 26, 2017



Digital enforcement also the solution for Blue Zones




ROTTERDAM, January 26, 2017 – Paid parking enforcement using a scan car and the scan processing platform of Agendum has been deployed successfully for many years now, but it  can now also be applied for a new purpose: Blue Zone parking enforcement can be done by this method in a very efficient and effective way, according to a pilot in a Belgian municipality.


The enforcement operator wanted to experience through a pilot how digital parking enforcement works in practice and to investigate whether it is a good solution for both paid parking enforcement and Blue Zone enforcement (an area where a vehicle may park for free during a specific period of time). A key objective for the Blue Zone enforcement is to encourage better traffic circulation.


Robert De Beukelaer, Commercial Director at Agendum: “Fair and effective Blue Zone enforcement is a difficult and elaborate task. It requires very intensive checking of parked vehicles. It is virtually impossible to efficiently and effectively check on street manually. Therefore we have developed a solution that enables Blue Zone parking enforcement by using a scan vehicle.” The pilot was done in the first two weeks of January with the Agendum platform and a scan car. Parked vehicles were not only scanned in areas of paid parking but also in Blue Zones. If a vehicle was parked too long in a Blue Zone, an enforcement officer received the scan information and overview images in order to visually check the vehicle on street and to issue a PCN. Additionally, the Agendum reporting tool was used to get clear insight in the results of the enforcement process for further optimisation and better decision making.
Efficient enforcement

Enforcement by using a scan vehicle and platform provides for significant efficiency gains; a scan car produces about 1,000 scans per hour; on foot it is about 70. The enforcement intensity and the risk to get a fine increases greatly when using a scan vehicle. Consequently, the willingness to pay will increase as well. In Amsterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem and The Hague digital enforcement has been deployed successfully for many years now: it makes the process more accountable and transparent and it results in higher revenues and lower costs.
Another important advantage of digital parking enforcement is the massive amount of valuable data that are collected. The Agendum reporting tool translates this data into management information for further process improvement and better decision-making.
About Agendum
Ten years ago, Agendum had a first when implementing digital parking enforcement using a scan vehicle and platform (City of Amsterdam) and has since developed it into the most efficient and effective parking enforcement solution in the market. Agendum builds and connects the systems for all steps in the process: planning, execution, reporting and management. Agendum delivers its solutions and services to e.g. Egis Parking Services (Amsterdam), The Hague, Utrecht, Haarlem, several boroughs in London and Lisbon.


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