January 30, 2017






Provides Easier and More Cost Efficient Way to Find, Pay for, and Enforce Parking using new Networked Kiosks and Virtual Permits



FLAGSTAFF, AZ–JANUARY 30, 2017 – NuPark, the leading provider of smart parking management solutions, has been awarded the contract to provide automated parking management and enforcement for the City of Flagstaff, AZ. NuPark Parking Management System will be a key part of the City’s new Comprehensive Parking Management Program designed to maximize the utilization of parking for the public, residents, business owners, tourists, and employees within the downtown and Southside area.

Flagstaff residents and shop owners have expressed concern that downtown employees and college students occupy many of the on-street parking spaces in the downtown and surrounding neighborhood areas. This makes it difficult for residents to find parking on the street in front of their homes during the day and for customers to find parking for local businesses. The City of Flagstaff is creating a pay-to-park system with permits for employees and residents in the areas surrounding downtown Flagstaff.

By using NuPark’s parking management system, Flagstaff residents and visitors will now have an easier time finding and paying for parking. The City of Flagstaff will have a streamlined, easier and flexible way to manage parking permits and verify authorized parking (enforcement) using License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology.

“The goal of managing our parking is to use what we have more efficiently and to build more parking,” commented Karl Eberhard, AIA Community Design and Redevelopment Manager for the City of Flagstaff. “NuPark has been a vital contributor to the development of a Comprehensive Parking Management Plan for the City of Flagstaff and we look forward to our transition to a modern parking system that provides parking for customers, employees and residents.”

Pay by Plate Downtown – NuPark’s system seamlessly integrates with Parkeon Strata meters to allow the Flagstaff resident and visitors to easily pay for parking throughout the commercial areas of downtown and Southside, using parking kiosks, smartphones using the mobile app – Whoosh! – or from the City of Flagstaff’s parking website. The system allows the City’s parking professionals to quickly verify parking payments to help maximize the utilization of the City’s parking assets.

New Residential Parking Permit program – To help ensure residents have access to the on-street parking spaces in their neighborhoods, the City of Flagstaff will be implementing NuPark’s automated residential permitting system to manage the creation of virtual permits as well as the enforcement of these spaces using license plate recognition to quickly verify parking permissions and create parking citations when appropriate. The NuPark system also includes an online resident permit portal to allow for easy account changes and vistor permit management.

New Employee Parking Permit program – Historically, parking was limited for employees, hence their parking in the downtown. An automated employee parking permit program has been created by NuPark to allow employees to find a place to park. The employee parking permit program includes an online portal similar to the residential parking permit program to allow for easy account changes.

Parking in the City of Flagstaff will be managed by ParkFlag, an enterprise fund of the City of Flagstaff. Further details regarding the new permit program in the City can be found at

About NuPark

NuPark, Inc. is a trusted partner in custom parking management solutions with proven technology to address complex parking operations. NuPark’s license plate recognition-based parking management solution supports permitting, enforcement, adjudication, event management, asset management, reporting, and analytics in a truly open and integrated platform. With over 225 years of combined experience, the NuPark team understands the business problems a parking organization faces having experienced those challenges first hand. Their core values remain consistent with a commitment to providing unrivaled customer service while providing creative and flexible solutions utilizing the latest technologies. NuPark can be found in over 28 states servicing clients from diverse sectors including higher education, municipalities, private operations retail establishments and transit authorities. Reach out to NuPark for more information by visiting

About ParkFlag

In March of 2016, the Flagstaff City Council adopted a Comprehensive Parking Management Plan and created ParkFlag as the agency to implement the plan and manage parking. While it is a sub-division of the City, it was established as an enterprise fund so that the revenues and expenses of the program are self-contained. In private business it would be called a wholly-own subsidiary. Actually the moniker ParkFlag has been used for the last two years to describe the founding group and effort. This current effort is actually the last of many efforts to address the parking issues in Flagstaff – the leading issues being a shortage of spaces, who’s going to pay for more, and without parking management, the shortage is exacerbated. This effort is distinct from previous efforts in that it proposes solutions to all three issues and has support from eleven stakeholder groups that include the Downtown Business District, major employers in downtown, the university, and the surrounding neighborhoods. More information about ParkFlag can be found by visiting