The Lancaster Parking Authority Streamlines On-Street Parking Operations in 2017

January 04, 2017



The Lancaster Parking Authority Streamlines On-Street Parking Operations in 2017



Lancaster, PA  –The Lancaster Parking Authority (LPA) will assume management of on street enforcement of the city parking ordinances beginning on January 1, 2017. Oversight includes parking enforcement during street sweeping days, enforcement in residential permit parking areas, at downtown meters and loading zones and in managing the issuance of residential parking permits (the city still handles the application process.)


In support of these efforts, the LPA will switch to the license plate as the main form of enforcement and payment throughout the city for on street parking. This will allow the current pay-by-space system to change to pay-by-license-plate at the multi-space parking kiosks. Pay-by-plate will also be used at single meters throughout the city for pay-by-phone. (Coins are still accepted at all meters.)

For the Residential Permit Program (RPP), the switch will be from the current yearly sticker to the use of the license plate as well. The license plate can be used for temporary vehicles and also visitors within an RPP block.

LPA Executive Director Larry J. Cohen explains, “Our goal in the management of on-street operations is to enhance the parking experience by providing a ‘one stop shop’ for everything parking in Lancaster City. The City and LPA believe the consolidation will eliminate a fragmented process of ‘who to go to for what.’ As part of this change, switching to the license plate will allow for a more consistent and accurate method of payment and enforcement for the various on street programs we will be managing.”

With the changes to the RPP, all permit payments will go to the LPA instead of the City Treasury Department. LPA is encouraging that payments be handled on-line at the authority website: Payments can still be made in person at the LPA office located at 30 West Orange Street (formerly the Community 1st Fund Building, across from the Prince St. Garage) or at the drop box located within the driveway of the building.

Visitors will see the change to pay-by-license-plate at the multi-space parking kiosks beginning December 26, 2016, after the free parking holiday week (December 19-24). Everyone will need to enter their license plate number using the alphanumerical keypad when paying instead of the space number. All other aspects of the kiosks remain the same. Payment can still be made by coins, bills, credit card, and pay-by-phone with the ParkLancaster or Parkmobile App.

To aide in remembering the license plate, the LPA suggests either taking a picture of your license plate, save the license plate number in the “ParkLancaster” App, use a complimentary LPA key tag to fill out the license plate number, or write it down until you can remember it. Key tags will be available for free at the kiosks or at the LPA office.

*A reminder that meter enforcement hours are Monday thru Saturday, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm. The Police will continue to boot and tow vehicles as warranted. These changes do not impact off street garage and surface lot parking.
For more information regarding these changes, contact Larry J. Cohen, LPA Executive Director at (717) 299-0907, email or visit