Towne Park Acquires M.V.P. Services, Strengthens No. 1 Position

January 04, 2017


Towne Park Acquires M.V.P. Services,

Strengthens No. 1 Position



ANNAPOLIS, Maryland, January 3, 2017 – Towne Park, a national leader in hospitality and healthcare services, announced today that it has acquired M.V.P. Services (“M.V.P.”), a leading valet service company in Cleveland, Ohio. M.V.P. is the valet of choice for nearly all of Cleveland’s entertainment districts and most of its leading hotels.


The deal combines M.V.P.’s strong local market and customer experience expertise with Towne Park’s unrivalled scale, resources and diverse service offerings.


“We are very pleased to join with M.V.P. and bring to their clients our broader offering of leading services,” stated Towne Park President and Chief Executive Officer Chuck Heskett. “We look forward to continuing to drive success – on a much larger scale.”

“Towne Park is the industry gold standard; I couldn’t be prouder as we join them to help businesses build better customer experiences and enhance their brands,” stated M.V.P. President and Chief Executive Officer Tyler Lombardo. “And I couldn’t be more excited about the tremendous career opportunities our associates now have with Towne Park as it continues expanding rapidly nationwide.”

“Through M.V.P., we strengthen our No. 1 position in the region, which we have built in just two years,” added Towne Park President and CEO Heskett. “We have the region’s largest service network with an on-call event staff that now features over 800 associates serving more than 50 clients, including the area’s most iconic destinations.”


Towne Park provides healthcare and hospitality services to a number of state-of-the art hospitals and global luxury hotel brands in Cleveland, including the Cleveland Clinic, the Westin Cleveland Downtown, the Intercontinental Cleveland and the Hilton Cleveland Downtown.


“We also continue building on our No. 1 position nationally,” stated President and CEO Heskett. “Going forward, we see great opportunities for our customers and our employees as we grow.”


Towne Park continues to build a platform of services that is transforming the hospitality and healthcare industries. Towne Park’s portfolio of services is unlocking synergies in the hospitality and healthcare verticals, helping hotels, hospitals and other businesses create new business models, maximize growth opportunities and enhance their brands.


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