Barbour Logic celebrates tenth anniversary at Parkex 2017

February 13, 2017

Barbour Logic celebrates tenth anniversary at Parkex   2017



Barbour Logic

Stand No P143 Parkex 2017

The NEC, Birmingham 4-6 April 2017


It is now ten years since Barbour Logic introduced its ground-breaking correspondence technology to help local authorities reduce risk, ensure consistency and improve efficiencies in answering queries from motorists who have received a Penalty Charge Notice. The company is marking the milestone with special celebrations on its stand at this year’s Parkex. It will be highlighting the very latest developments with its Response Master system as well as RM Self-Serve the company’s interactive on line guidance for motorists with PCN queries.


Response Master has created well over 2 million letters to drivers over the past decade, with every letter reflecting specific Council policies as well as all regulations governing PCN processing and progression. Today, more than 1 in every 5 responses from local authorities to challenges from motorists are generated and sent by the system. The clear, accurate and concise wording of Response Master is helping to secure prompter resolutions and payments without the risk of avoidable administrative delays and inconsistencies.


Since its launch just two years ago, the RM Self-Serve solution has also proved to be an invaluable demand management tool for an increasing number of local authorities. The interactive platform enables a motorist to engage quickly and conveniently with an authority by simply using their computer, tablet or smartphone. And, as the company lines up for Parkex, around 0.25million motorists have already used the platform to secure immediate answers to their queries – with the system providing a user-specific response every two and a half minutes.


“Our various awards for innovation show how we have led the way in correspondence and response software over the past decade,” says Fiona Deans, Barbour Logic’s Managing Director. “Today, Response Master is enabling local authorities of all sizes and all over the country to transform the way they respond to representations and queries from motorists.


Significantly, it’s eliminating the problems and frustrations that can arise so easily in such a highly regulated, complex and emotive service area.


“Our first customer – Spelthorne Borough Council – continues to reap the benefits of Response Master and the system is now used by many large metropolitan authorities as well as nearly half of the capital’s borough councils. But we’re not resting on our laurels and will continue to champion the use of intelligent technology to improve service standards and operational efficiencies.”


Barbour Logic will be showing visitors to its stand at Parkex the steps it has taken to provide an intuitive, reliable and automated solution for creating correspondence. In particular, it will highlight how the system uses insight, intelligence and over 900 ‘policy’ and ‘reason’ prompts rather than a blend of ‘mix and match’ standard paragraphs. The versatility of this unique approach helps to ensure all correspondence is accurate and consistent at all times and takes full account of user feedback and evolving Council policies. The efficiency gains are immediate and, because of its proven reliability, Response Master has been used very effectively to overcome backlogs as well as drive up response times and customer service levels.





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