Circontrol’s LedPark achieves 85% savings in car park lighting

February 01, 2017


Circontrol’s LedPark achieves 85% savings in car park lighting


With the increasing of electricity prices is everyday more important to invest in efficient technologies


1st January 2017, Viladecavalls

Electricity prices don’t stop rising. This has been happening globally and continuously since 2010. In this context energy saving is everyday more important and LED technology together with light regulation can help you to reduce your electric bill drastically.


Circontrol offers LedPark system for car parks efficient lighting. Just choosing LED lighting instead of traditional lighting would save you 50%. With Circontrol’s LedPark this savings can rise until the 85%. LedPark goes a step further integrating its intelligent lighting system with Dynamic Parking Guidance System iPark. This system adjusts the luminosity regarding vehicles’ and people’s flow and schedule obtaining a cost reduction in energy use, installation, maintenance and emergency lighting much higher than with other traditional lighting systems. Besides, LedPark offers a great lighting uniformity in the entire parking surface, thanks to its LED lamps homogenously distributed, creating a feeling of comfort and safety to the user.


Official Applus laboratory study made in a real car park



LED technology not only represents savings in consumption, thanks to its lifespan ten times longer than fluorescent lamp lifespan, maintenance cost is practically inexistent. For all these reasons, the investment recovery time for LedPark is really short, usually two years, and its self-financed with energy and maintenance savings.


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It is a manufacturer company leader in its sector; with over 20.000 Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations all over the world and more than 450 Car Parks managed by its own Green Parking Platform.



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