Perfect Priming for Smart City Expansion: Simon Dunkley, Secretary General, TALQ Consortium

February 23, 2017



Perfect Priming for Smart City Expansion

Street Lighting Consortium elects new Secretary General

Simon Dunkley, Secretary General, TALQ Consortium


The TALQ Consortium, which has developed a global standard for interfaces to manage heterogeneous outdoor lighting networks, is well prepared for an important and exciting year in 2017. With the election of Simon Dunkley as new Secretary General, the TALQ Consortium is refining its certification capabilities leading to release of the first accredited street lighting products later this year. The General Assembly in Paris in February 2017 not only confirmed the new Secretary General but also endorsed the program to open the TALQ Protocol to wider IoT (internet of things) applications.

In 2012 TALQ was founded as an open industry consortium to set a globally accepted standard for uniting smart outdoor lighting. After six busy and successful years and just before the first street lighting hardware components and outdoor lighting control systems will be certified as TALQ-compliant, the organization will be led by a new Secretary General.

Simon Dunkley has many years of experience in the IT and lighting industry and is an expert for technology standards. He works for the TALQ member company Silver Spring Networks as European Regulatory Director since 2011 and is based in London, UK. Simon Dunkley is involved in regulatory and standards activities in both the lighting and radio domain including CEPT, ETSI and TALQ, and is also is a committee member of the Low Power Wireless Radio Association. He is holding a Ph.D. of the University of Cambridge.

“I’m proud of the trust of the TALQ General Assembly shown in confirming my election and am looking forward to helping to establish the TALQ Standard in the lighting business as well as adopting it for other needs.”, says Simon Dunkley, new Secretary General, TALQ Consortium. “And I would like to thank my predecessor Gerard Lokhoff again for his excellent work in building up a powerful and effective consortium. I am most impressed by the open and constructive collaboration of the member companies – who are often competitors – with the goal of easing investment decisions of cities and municipalities.”



About TALQ Consortium


Founded in 2012 by leading lighting industry players, the TALQ Consortium is establishing a globally accepted standard for management software interfaces to control and monitor heterogeneous outdoor lighting networks. The new TALQ interface is a specification for information exchange, suitable for implementation in various products and systems. This way interoperability between Central Management Systems (CMS) and Outdoor Lighting Networks (OLN) from different vendors will be enabled, such that a single CMS can control different OLNs in different parts of a city or region. In 2016 TALQ decided to open up its scope to standardizing interfaces for wider smart city applications.

TALQ is an open industry consortium consisting of currently the following member companies:
Cisco Systems, Current – powered by GE, Harvard Engineering, OSRAM, Philips Lighting, Schréder, Streetlight Vision, Telensa, UVAX Concepts, Bouygues Energies et Services, CAOS Computersoftware, CAPELON, Cimcon Lighting, Citègestion, Continental Automotive, DimOnOff, Dongguan Kingsun Optoelectronics, Future Intelligence, Itslux Limited, LED Roadway Lighting, Lightronics, Lucy Zodion, Lumine Lighting Solutions, Mayflower Complete Lighting Control, ncs, Petra Systems, Silver Spring Networks, Sinapse Energia, SOGEXI,, TRIDIUM, Unicoba Energia, Zumtobel.
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