#PIEshow2017 – Can’t Miss this Seminar from CHANCE Management Advisors

February 20, 2017


#PIEshow2017 – Can’t Miss this Seminar from CHANCE Management Advisors



It’s Not Your Father’s Campus Anymore — or Your Mother’s, Either!


Presented Tuesday, March, 7th, 2017



The parking environment is changing on campuses across the country, and different technologies are making an entry at a time when colleges and universities are confronting changing demographics, increased competition, and diminished funding. Gone are the days when everyone could get a permit, student vehicles were welcome, and there was plenty of land for inexpensive surface lots. This 60-minute seminar starts with an exploration of the past and present in terms of campus parking technology. And it invites you to ask today’s parking equipment and system providers what they see as the hurdles, benefits and likely effects of existing and future parking tech at universities.


Presenter : Barbara Chance, PhD, CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc. and Joseph Sciulli, CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc.


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