Nedap: Shop & Go concept embraced by city of Waregem

April 04, 2017


Nedap: Shop & Go concept embraced by city of Waregem



The Belgian city of Waregem recently introduced the Shop & Go parking concept. This concept, based on Nedap’s SENSIT, enables people to park their car for 30 minutes for free. The real-time parking data that becomes available with this solution is of importance for the cities’ efficient enforcement.


Following successful implementations in other Belgian cities, like Kortrijk and Ostend, the city of Waregem embraced the Shop & Go concept. The innovative municipality of Waregem has created areas where people can park their car 30 minutes for free. In these areas, Nedap’s smart parking sensors are installed in individual parking bays. These SENSIT sensors detect when there is a vehicle parked. When the maximum parking time is exceeded, the sensor sends a notification to the handheld of a nearby parking attendant. This allows the parking attendant to enforce very efficiently. The software that makes this possible is based on Tradelec’s InTouch.


In the past, when drivers wanted to park their vehicle, they had to get a parking ticket and place it behind the window. Thanks to Nedap’s SENSIT system, they no longer have to search for a parking space or get a ticket to park.


The benefits of wireless parking sensors

The project was implemented by Parking Project Solutions (PPS). “PPS was pleased to deliver an efficient car park occupancy system that covering the customer’s needs. The easy installation without any wiring of SENSIT is a big benefit to obtain a flexible & adaptable system with a fast deployment. The real-time information about the available parking spaces improves the service and satisfaction. Unnecessary driving into the parking and the search for an available parking spot belong to the past,” says Erik Demets of PPS.


Carefree parking

“Shop & Go” is a smart parking solution favoring rapid rotation of vehicles towards stimulating local commerce. This solution allows people to park carefree for 30 minutes. It offers people an easy parking solution, as they do not need to get tickets anymore. In addition, cities can create highly  targeted findings with the real-time parking data that becomes available with this solution.


Parking guidance

Tradelec’s InTouch is a mobile application that guides drivers to empty parking spaces. This app is based on the real-time parking information that becomes available with SENSIT.


“Backed by the professionalism of true experts in their respective domains (deployment, management and enforcement), SENSIT was able to live up to the expectations of flexibility and ease-of-use as requested by the city of Waregem,” says Wouter Vansteenkiste, Business Development Manager at Nedap.