Experts from 33 countries met in Circontrol’s Headquarters to talk about the future of efficient parking

May 17, 2017


Experts from 33 countries met in Circontrol’s Headquarters to talk about the future of efficient parking


During two days experts from the sector have been discussing the role of parking in a new context where the presence of autonomous, connected and electric vehicles is out of question


Efficient mobility is one of the most important challenges of the XXI century. Nowadays there are about 1,2 billion cars circulating and in year 2035 this figure could reach 2 billion. Besides, these cars will be geographically concentrated in big cities, where the biggest population growth is expected. That’s why pollution and traffic management are key areas and parking has a very important role on these issues.

Parking can no longer be just a dark and hostile space where you leave your car. A good design, the use of new technologies seeking energy efficiency and a better user experience are more important every day and these are objectives that Circontrol seeks in its Efficient Parking concept. Moreover, new kinds of vehicle are here to stay. Electric Vehicle is now a reality and in some countries such as Norway the number of EVs sold is higher than the oil vehicles. But also autonomous vehicle is in every car manufacturer plan, and connected vehicle, that nowadays has the capacity of 30 computers and will optimize the maintenance offering a more comfortable experience.

First day of the meeting was dedicated to Efficient Parking concept, Circontrol’s solution to meet the challenge of the parking sector in these new times. It consists on a global platform, CirPark Platform, that manages guidance and illumination systems, and EV charging solutions integrating all these solutions offered by Circontrol. On this Expert Meeting Circontrol has also opened its eyes to what the sector is doing and that’s why they invited representatives of leading companies: Max Kordylas (CEO at Yellow&Co), Albert Sant (Head of Parking Unit at B:SM), Sylvia Rausch (Marketing Director at SABA), Anis Samdaie (Project Manager at Traffic Tech).


About Circontrol

Circontrol is a company founded in 1997 with headquarters in Viladecavalls (Barcelona). Its mobility division designs and manufacture a global platform for efficient parking management (guidance system, LED Lighting, energy efficiency). eMobility division manufactures EV charging solutions adapted to all market needs (domestic charging, public charging, dynamic load management…).
Circontrol has an R+D department and invests a 6% of its annual invoicing in research and development of new products.
An 80% of Circontrol’s sales are produced in the international market, being present in 45 countries. Circontrol’s technologies manage over 400.000 parking spaces and 25.00 EV charging stations.