May 02, 2017





BemroseBooth Paragon (BBP), the leading mass transit ticketing specialist based in Hull, has appointed ten new operators to work at its manufacturing facility, taking the total workforce to over a hundred for the first time in its history.


The new operators have been appointed following a training programme that has equipped them with the skills required to work on the presses which are used to produce more than a billion magnetic tickets each year for customers across the globe.

As well as increasing capacity, the appointments allow the company to pursue larger contracts, while also investing time and resource into research and development, something the business has placed great focus on in recent years.

General Manager of BBP, Paul McEnaney comments: “We are very pleased to welcome the ten new production colleagues to our business. This further reinforces our growth and the need to increase our capacity. We are the leading global manufacturer of magnetic tickets in Europe and this added resource means that we are able to push forward with our strategic plans, including further emphasis on research and development.”

The BBP manufacturing facility in Hull is complemented by BBP tech, the Boston based division which specialises in RFID and contactless applications across a range of sectors. With leading industry experts covering both magnetic ticketing, smart applications and RFID the business can work with customers to transition from paper based tickets to cards and contactless solutions.

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