SFMTA Upgrades Technology in City Parking Garages

May 18, 2017


SFMTA Upgrades Technology in City Parking Garages



San Francisco — The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), which manages the Municipal Railway (Muni) and all surface transportation within the city, today announced the installation of new 21st-century technology, which will enhance the customer experience at 22 city-owned parking facilities. The new parking access and revenue control systems will bring faster exiting, improved customer service, and enhanced credit-card security in a three-year rollout to be completed by 2019. The Polk-Bush Garage is the first to completely receive these state-of-the-art upgrades.



“Our goal is to provide convenient and safe parking to visitors, employees, and business customers around the city,” said Cheryl Brinkman, SFMTA Chairman. “Parking in San Francisco will be easier and more efficient for customers as we bring the latest technology to our city-owned facilities”.

The new system, called PARCS, is a combination of hardware and software that provides the infrastructure to run a parking facility. This operational investment in the city’s infrastructure will make for a smoother experience for city drivers.

“The new state-of-the-art technology we are installing in our 22 parking garages is more than an update to our infrastructure, it’s an investment in our customers’ experience,” said Ed Reiskin, SFMTA Director of Transportation. “Our new PARCS system is making easier payment, quicker entry and exit, and enhanced security a reality at our public parking garages.”

New software and hardware will make parking in city-owned garages:


New system will address lost tickets with a license plate recognition system
Will eventually allow for pre-payment at all city-owned garages, preventing long queues from forming during rush hour

New system will reduce fraud and allow for improved auditing and credit card security
Types of payment will be expanded to “chip-enabled” credit or debit cards
Garages in busy pedestrian neighborhoods will be equipped with a flashing light and alarm when a vehicle exits

Smart-pricing strategy set by SFPark to encourage drivers to use garage spaces first and use street parking for shorter stays
Parking rates in city-owned garages typically cost 50 to 60 percent less than private garages