Shanghai residences prefer Nedap’s TRANSIT

May 18, 2017


Shanghai residences prefer Nedap’s TRANSIT



Secure vehicle access to the high-end residences without compromising on convenience; that was the main requirement for this residential project in Shanghai. Both residents and personnel had to be identified in order to maintain a high level of security, but without creating queue’s at the gates during peak hours. Nedap’s TRANSIT system was the preferred choice to offer reliable, automatic vehicle identification. 


Excellent services

High quality services and products to satisfy its property owners; that is the main aim for these residences in Shanghai Wanyuan City. To provide a high service when it comes to access control as well, the residences needed a reliable solution to automatically identify vehicles. Preferably one that requires few (or rather: no) maintenance.


Robust quality and performance

After a comprehensive evaluation, Nedap’s TRANSIT was the preferred choice to offer the required security and convenience. The developer of the residential project was impressed with the robust quality and performance of the solution. The installation was realized by Shanghai UTIS.


The TRANSIT reader identifies vehicles up to 7 meters in combination with the Compact Tag. Residents and the personnel all have this tag in their vehicle. As soon as they enter the reading zone of the TRANSIT reader, the vehicle is identified. The convenient solution allows authorized vehicles to enter the residential area, without the need to stop at the gate. As the tag is not attached to the vehicle, drivers can easily take it with them when they leave the vehicle.


Customer satisfaction

Both the TRANSIT reader and the Compact Tag have proven to be very reliable, and even show an excellent performance with high-end vehicles. The residences have stated to be very satisfied with the Nedap solution and mentioned they will definitely use it for future projects.


“The TRANSIT reader is of good quality and reliability. The battery lifespan of the Compact tag is really long and have shown to outlast all domestic products,” says Jackson Gong, General Manager Shanghai UTIS.


“This was a high-end project and therefore, the end user was willing to try out much higher quality products to satisfy its property owners,” says Marc Chia, Business Development Manager at Nedap Identification Systems.