Tomahawk Technologies Inc. – OPS-COM announces comprehensive License Plate Recognition system for parking management

May 02, 2017


OPS-COM announces comprehensive License Plate Recognition system for parking management


Carleton Place, ON:

Ontario-based Tomahawk Technologies Inc. is excited to announce the planned release of its own newly developed License Plate Recognition (LPR) module that will become part of its existing parking and security software platform OperationsCommander or (OPS-COM) that consists of ParkAdmin which manages parking permit issuance, IncidentAdmin which manages and records vehicles of interest or personal incidents, and ViolationAdmin which handles scofflaw and citation management. The technology, which will be officially available in mid-May, takes a user and budget-friendly approach, allowing parking operations now to use one software solution for permitting, citation/appeal management and incident recording and introducing it to built in LPR technology forgoing the need for multiple system integrations and vendor pairing common with the LPR products currently on the market.

“We think the industry is going to appreciate the simplicity of our new enhanced product,” says Crystal Koskie, Operations Manager at OPS-COM. “Our parking and security software system is a complete package. It captures the camera data, analyzes and cross-references it with OPS-COM permit, violation and security data, and creates the notifications for your teams. No need for data manipulation, APIs or pulling data from once source to another.”
The OPS-COM LPR system offers cameras that can be vehicle mounted or used at fixed locations. OPS-COM utilizes Tomahawk Technologies Inc. own “PL8-RDR” technology which acts as a processing center for the ALPR module and supports a 4G and Wifi connection. License plate data is analyzed by the cloud-based OPS-COM platform to confirm if a vehicle can be parked in the location, if the vehicle has outstanding fines, or if the vehicle has other flags or notices relevant to security.

“Our team is currently looking for a few more parking operations who would be interested in field testing our LPR system for a fixed lot or parking garage.” added Phil MacCallum, OPS-COM Business Development Manager. “We want to be able to share more specific data about the systems effectiveness with the industry. That means we need a few organizations who want to be among the first to use the system.”

Those interested in the new system or the field testing opportunity can email


OPS-COM platform provides a full service, cloud-based parking and security application to help organizations automate all facets of parking, violation, and security incident processes into one solution. Tomahawk Technologies Inc. offers seamless installations of OPS-COM, reliable and quick software troubleshooting support, and a commitment to create flexible solutions to fit budgets and existing processes for colleges and Universities, Cities and municipalities, private operators, medical centers and airports.