Towne Park Reimagines Off-Airport Parking, Brings Five-Star Hospitality Experience to Denver International Airport

May 09, 2017



Towne Park Reimagines Off-Airport Parking, Brings Five-Star Hospitality Experience to

Denver International Airport



  • What if the highlights of your trip included your off-airport parking experience?
  • Enabling outstanding, seamless travel hospitality – from your car to your hotel



ANNAPOLIS, Maryland, May 9, 2017 – Towne Park announced today that it has partnered with ParkDIA at Denver International Airport to reimagine off-airport parking and build a better customer experience for travelers at the nation’s sixth-busiest airport.

Travelers face numerous headaches when using traditional off-airport parking: archaic systems, highly stressful delays, and poor customer service. Now Towne Park has a new way to put smiles on travelers’ faces. The company is leveraging its nearly 30 years of experience in valet and hospitality services for premium hotels to give customers what they want: outstanding, seamless door-to-door hospitality that makes travel a great experience.

“We’re bringing elements of first-class hospitality into off-airport parking, rethinking the travel experience from door-to-door,” stated Towne Park President and Chief Executive Officer Chuck Heskett. “Our services at ParkDIA will address longstanding travel problems and close the gap between hotel and airport hospitality with highly affordable, fast, and convenient services that make a difference.”

“Towne Park’s tremendous operating processes, systems, and training expertise, along with their deep insight into how to delight people, will make our brand really shine,” stated ParkDIA owner Darren Fisk. “We will now be able to offer even more valuable and extensive services and solutions to our customers.”

Located just minutes from Denver International Airport, ParkDIA offers efficient mobile solutions and a five-star vibe with extensive amenities, including multiple parking options and a well-stocked traveler’s lounge. The facility offers over 7,500 spaces, with pick-up, drop-off, and assistance at your vehicle. Loyalty and discount programs are available; prices start at just $6 per day.

“The addition of modern hospitality services marks the beginning of a sea change for the off-airport parking industry as it starts to reflect the way people live today,” added Heskett. “Nobody is better positioned to drive this change than Towne Park.”

The partnership with ParkDIA strengthens Towne Park’s off-airport and airport parking business, positioning Towne Park for continued record growth. Towne Park currently manages approximately 30 off-airport and airport parking operations, serving nearly 20 of the country’s airports, including Los Angeles International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport.

In February, Towne Park announced that it expects record performance in 2017, driven largely by organic growth of its leading hospitality services business as it continues to capitalize on the rapid professionalization of the industry and strong demand for more sophisticated, value-added hospitality services.


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