WallyPark Declares April “Earth Month” to Plant Trees

May 17, 2017


WallyPark Declares April “Earth Month” to Plant Trees



To celebrate Earth Day and an ongoing commitment to sustainability, WallyPark Airport Parking ran a month-long campaign to help reduce their carbon footprint and green-up the earth. Turning Earth Day into “Earth Month”, the company offered to plant a tree for every parking reservation made in the month of April. The “More Trees, Yes Please!” campaign offered WallyPark’s premier airport parking to all 18 locations serving travelers at 11 U.S. airports, including Orlando airport parking. The campaign produced 20,746 reservations, which will fund reforestation efforts in Central America and Native American Reservations in the U.S. The reforestation will be conducted by Fort Collins, CO-based Trees, Water and People.

“We’ve made a serious commitment to moving toward omitting our carbon footprint via a combination of initiatives,” said Kevin Montgomery, Chief Operating Officer at WallyPark headquarters in Los Angeles. He added, “Our sustainability efforts include low/zero emission vehicles, completely waterless car and bus washing, and LED lighting retro fits in our facilities.” In March 2017, WallyPark Premier LAX location deployed 16 Zero Emissions Utility Shuttles (ZEUS) manufactured by Phoenix Motorcars LLC. The 14-passenger fully electric buses are being used to service off-airport parking at Los Angeles International Airport. This deployment makes WallyPark Premier the first all-electric airport parking operation in the nation. By June, more than 40 all-electric buses will be in use at WallyPark-owned LAX parking brands.

Each of the buses is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 60 tons of carbon dioxide per year, compared to a conventional diesel shuttle. All buses have fast-charging capability, which allows full charging to take place in less than three hours.

Over the next five years, WallyPark will continue to roll out a fully sustainable bus fleet.

About WallyPark

WallyPark is a premier off-airport parking provider, with 18 locations serving travelers at 11 U.S. airports: Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Newark, Atlanta, Orlando and Jacksonville. WallyPark operates in the travel space, providing convenient, hassle-free parking with complimentary shuttle service to and from airport terminals. http://www.wallypark.com