Albany to Launch ParkAlbany, a Mobile Parking Payment App Powered by Passport

June 26, 2017



Albany to Launch ParkAlbany, a Mobile Parking Payment App Powered by Passport




Albany, NY (June 26, 2017) ­– Albany is upgrading its parking services by launching ParkAlbany, a mobile application that will allow those throughout the city the ability to pay for parking through their smartphone. Enabled by Passport, the global leader in mobile payments for parking and transit, ParkAlbany will bring residents and visitors alike a more seamless and trouble-free parking experience.




Albany has set its sights on increasing ease of process when it comes to parking in over 5,000 metered parking spaces around the city. Having brought mobile parking payment to cities like London, Portland, Boston, and beyond, Passport understood the goals of the city and how to implement such a large-scale endeavor.


“Throughout the city and especially downtown, the idea of having to go back and forth to pay at a meter when you’re in the middle of a meeting or lunch or in bad weather was inconvenient,” said Matthew Peter, Executive Director of the Albany Parking Authority. “We’ve seen an increase in mobile-based payments for everything from coffee orders to buying groceries. By launching the ParkAlbany app, we are propelling the Parking Authority into the next era of payment technology, allowing customers an easier process and an overall better experience. Meters will still be available for parkers who are more comfortable paying that way.”


The Parking Authority’s innovative thinking doesn’t stop there. They continue to look for ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness of parking and transit services through technology. Some goals include enabling electric car charging and embracing technology to improve efficiency and convenience.


“We’re honored to be able to add Albany to the list of cities that we’ve helped create a better, more effective parking experience for their community,” said David Singletary, VP of Sales at Passport. “Our innovative platform has helped many take the hassle and frustration out of parking and transit, and we look forward to supporting more cities in their forward-thinking goals.”


The ParkAlbany app is currently only available on State Street, between Eagle Street and Broadway, during the initial trial phase.  The program is expected to expand city-wide in 2018 if the test proves successful.

ParkAlbany is free to download from the App Store and Google Play, and parkers can also manage their parking online at For more information about how to use the app, visit the ParkAlbany website:




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