Nedap enables hands-free access at Samsung Medical Center

July 14, 2017


Nedap enables hands-free access at Samsung Medical Center



As one of South Korea’s leading hospitals, the Samsung Medical Center (SMC) offers the most high-tech medical services. When it comes to security, the hospital required an advanced hands-free door access solution to monitor who gets access when and where. With Nedap’s uPASS Access installed, people have convenient access while the hospital has an overview of all movements. This allows the hospital to act adequately and quick in case of virus threats, making sure the highest healthcare standards are met.


Advanced medical services

The Samsung Medical Center (SMC) is one of South Korea’s leading hospitals. Equipped with advanced medical services, SMC defines a new hospital culture. It strives to be the best in terms of shortest waiting times and patient-centered care.

The high-tech medical infrastructures of SMC include:

  • Outstanding medical staff
  • Order communication system (OCS)
  • Picture archiving communication system (PACS)
  • Clinical pathology automation system
  • Logistics automation system


Safe hospital environment

Being the most innovative medical center in the region, SMC wanted to offer first class services, also when it comes to security. Before Nedap’s hands-free door access solution was installed, there was no control over which patients, patient caregivers and visitors entered/left the hospital facility or when.


One of the main threats for a safe hospital environment are those for viruses. In order to be well protected to these threats, movement of all people in the building must be tracked at all times. An important requirement for the tracking solution was that gaining access must never cause hindering.


Hands-free door access

Nedap’s uPASS Access readers were chosen to identify all patients, patient caregivers and visitors access using a wristband. The uPASS Access is a groundbreaking UHF RFID reader for hands-free building and door access. It reads access credentials at a distance of up to 2 meter (6 ft.) and is the perfect solution for situations that require both security and convenience.


The uPASS Access readers are mounted near doors, elevators and at strategic points. They were integrated into a third party access control system to determine who gets access when and where. The implementation was realized by Nedap’s preferred partner in the healthcare industry in South Korea: TechSphere.


People tracking

Thanks to this implemented solution, patients, patient caregivers and visitors access can be monitored according to hospital policy. In case a contagious disease arises, all procedures can be followed immediately, because the history of all (suspect) people and where they had access can be viewed in real-time. This solution makes sure the hospital meets the highest healthcare standards.