PowerCharge enters U.S. market with driver-friendly, rapid electric vehicle charging.

July 12, 2017


PowerCharge enters U.S. market with driver-friendly, rapid electric vehicle charging.



Bloomfield, NY, July 11, 2017 – PowerCharge enters the U.S. market with commercial electric vehicle charging stations that charge 50% faster and don’t require drivers to join proprietary networks to use the stations.



PowerCharge commercial stations, known as the Pro Series, are available in both networked and non- networked configurations. The non-networked are basic, open-access commercial stations that allow anyone to pull up and charge. Networked versions allow station owners to charge drivers a fee and collect usage data. With other brands of charging stations, drivers are required to subscribe to the networks of each brand in order to use their station. The PowerCharge stations allow anyone with a credit card to swipe, plug-in and charge.

PowerCharge Pro Series stations are Level 2 (208-240 volt) and available in 16-amp, 30-amp and 40-amp configurations. The 40-amp units allow for 50% faster charge times than the popular 30-amp charging stations.


PowerCharge is a division of Moser Services Group, LLC and a Sister Company to EV Charge Solutions, the largest EV Charging Equipment distributor in the U.S. “As a distributor of 10 product brands, we recognized a gap in a few product offerings. As our team searched for solutions, we determined there was an opportunity to bring a new brand of products to market”, said Mike Moser, President. “The EV Charging industry will always have room for high quality, competitively priced products, and that is what we are providing with PowerCharge”.


PowerCharge Pro Series stations are available at PowerChargeEV.com and evCHARGEsolutions.com.


Contact: Mike Moser

President & Founder PowerCharge

4 E. Main Street, STE 100

Bloomfield, NY 14469

(585) 65-POWER (657-6937)

mike@powerchargeEV.com www.powerchargeEV.com