Nedap secures vehicle access to Amwaj Islands

August 03, 2017

Nedap secures vehicle access to Amwaj Islands



Amwaj Islands in the Kingdom of Bahrain required a vehicle access control solution to enter the luxury community and residential areas. As a first solution, tenants were given remote controllers to control the barriers, but this solution was proved to be inefficient. Nedap’s business partner Secure Services Ltd. WWL implemented a complete access control solution, including TRANSIT to secure vehicle access to this exclusive community.


Luxury on the water

The Amwaj Islands is a group of 6 man-made islands located in the Persian Gulf to the northeast of Bahrain, near the coast of Muharraq Island. The islands contain residential, commercial, hotel and retail buildings, as well as a 240m diameter circular marina with over 140 berths. Other facilities like an international school, university, hospital, fuel station, theme parks and a lagoon side are situated on the various islands as well.


Replacement for remote controllers

Users of the luxury community needed a system for secure vehicle access. An important requirement was to solve the inconvenience of the use of IR remote controllers that sometimes did not work properly or ran out of battery; the solution had to be convenient for the drivers of the vehicles. Long-range readers and semi-active vehicle identification tags were the perfect match. The readers are connected to an access control system which makes the process of rolling out identifiers much easier in addition to enhanced security.


Automatic vehicle identification

Nedap’s long-range vehicle identification system TRANSIT was installed to provide secure access without forcing tenants to stop their vehicle. The TRANSIT Ultimate is a high-end reader that identifies vehicles up to 10 meters (33 ft.). The vehicles of all residents and contracting workers are equipped with the Window Button. This vehicle identification tag is identified as soon as it enters the reading zone of the TRANSIT Ultimate reader. It allows authorized vehicles to enter the community, without the need to stop at the gate.


Automatic vehicle identification ensures a smooth flow of authorized people only and increases the safety of both tenants and contracting workers.


Professional security solutions

This Nedap solution for long-range vehicle identification was integrated with gate barriers of FAAC and Magnetic. The access control  system of Secure Services Limited WLL. was chosen, the company that provides professional security solutions for local authorities, industrial and commercial clients.


“The system is working according to expectations and the end-user is satisfied and plans on continuous expansion”, Kevin Balkhuysen, Head of Technical Division, Secure Services Limited.