August 03, 2017






WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (August 3, 2017) – West Palm Beach-based One Parking, a national parking operations management firm, has added five new locations to the list of parking clients using their proprietary OPark system. The high-tech, 24/7, unmanned remote monitoring parking control system launched earlier this year and is regarded by the industry as best in class. The new locations include The Franklin, a 60-story, Class-A office building in Chicago, four other garages in Washington, D.C. and one in Denver. One Parking expects to announce at least five additional OPark installations before the end of the year.


“Our technology is revolutionizing the way developers think about parking,” says Kirsten Dolan, President and Chief Operating Officer of One Parking. “With OPark, we can offer them an industry-leading parking solution and VIP-style customer service while delivering significant savings in payroll costs.”

First installed at the popular CityPlace entertainment-retail center in West Palm Beach, the OPark system makes the parking experience as easy as possible. The system increases accountability of parking revenue and quick transaction time, and maximizes rate of traffic flow at exits. OPark saves on payroll and reduces overtime hours for late-night parking attendant shifts, while collecting revenues 24/7. OPark interfaces with the equipment that distributes tickets to drivers entering a parking facility, and that ticket is inserted into a card reader upon departure. But the OPark difference surfaces when a customer requests assistance. The “Help” button instantly connects to a Customer Service Representative who appears on a two-way video screen, creating a live, interactive human experience that is not available in other automated payment systems. The video background displays an image that is customized to show the facility where the driver is parked, even though the Customer Service Representative is assisting from the One Parking Command Center, located in West Palm Beach. The customer feels as if the representative is right there on the property, so there’s a sense of comfort, and a connection is created. The driver hears and sees the Customer Service Representative, and vice-versa.

“We have realized a significant savings in payroll costs, while maintaining the high level of customer service our customers expect at CityPlace,” said Kenneth Himmel, President and CEO of Related Urban. “One Parking has been a trusted partner. They keep our facilities clean and safe, they offer unmatched customer service and are very responsive to resolve any issue. It’s important that the premier experience at CityPlace is carried through to the parking experience in our garages. One Parking makes sure that happens.”

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One Parking was formed in 2004 and manages over 80,000 self-parking & valet spaces for over 85 high-end assets throughout the United States. One Parking’s experience and expertise stretches across all asset classes including commercial, residential, mixed-use, and municipalities. Our first-class locations ensure easy access and intuitive flow patterns that maximize space, while offering expedited payment solutions to parkers.