TagMaster North America and Watry Design, Inc. Partner for Luxurious Condo Parking at Parc on Powell in Emeryville, California

August 16, 2017

TagMaster North America and Watry Design, Inc. Partner for Luxurious Condo Parking at Parc on Powell in Emeryville, California


TACOMA, WA | August, 2017 – TagMaster North America, Inc., the leading provider of identification solutions installed 2.45 GHz microwave LR series readers for high rise condominiums with ground floor retail shops looking to streamline their parking process for both their residents and retail visitors. Equity residential developers realized that it would be difficult to provide parking access to both condo owners and retail shoppers in a parking dense and limited space environment. An answer was needed to offer convenient parking for the retail shoppers, while not compromising access to secure and appointed spaces for the residents. With their combined expertise and experience, TagMaster North America and Watry Design, Inc. teamed up and successfully integrated a hands-free, long range access control solution for the Parc on Powell luxury condominiums.



“The solution needed to be efficient enough to cater to residents who were familiar with the technology and put priority on timely entry and exit while also being user friendly to visitors who may have never used the garage before,” said Watry Design Associate Principal Matt Davis. “A system that utilized both RFID and pay stations offered the perfect combination to satisfy each user group.” By implementing TagMaster’s LR 6 readers and MarkTag MeMs, the long range reading allowed residents to open the gate from 20 feet away, while the retail shoppers have to stop and acquire a ticket. The residents are then able to access their secure, designated parking space through a roll down gate that is activated by the same RFID tag. This solution preserves the convenience and security for the residents at Parc on Powell, while still allowing nearby businesses to flourish by providing retail shoppers the ease of parking.

“The forwarding thinking team at Watry took advantage of the over 20 year experience of TagMaster RFID Solutions in the parking and vehicle access industry once again for Equity Residential developers,” commented Ali Khaksar, President of TagMaster North America, Inc. “Parc on Powell residents are able to conveniently and reliably gain garage access while maintaining security and improving the parking experience. As parking spaces become more premium, trusted TagMaster Identification systems continue to be a household name.”

TagMaster North America is the leading provider of Identification Solutions, offering dual platforms of long-range Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Automatic Number Plate Recognition / Automatic License Plate Recognition (ANPR/ALPR) along with stand-alone and customizable software solutions. Collective technologies provide convenient and reliable platforms for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and Rail-Bound applications throughout the Americas. TagMaster North America’s breadth of Identification Solutions are able to increase security, decrease environmental impact and add value to actualize and simplify vehicle access control for a wide array of projects.

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