October 31, 2017




Los Angeles, CA (Oct. 31, 2017)—Sentry Control Systems, America’s leading provider of parking technology, announced today that it has completed the design and installation of the world’s most advanced frictionless parking technology suite at Westfield Century City in Los Angeles. The frictionless parking suite includes SKIDATA parking accesses and revenue control technology, parking guidance technology, license plate recognition (LPR) technology, SKIDATA management software, the cloud-based Sweb.validation system, and advanced parking reservation technology.




Westfield Century City’s new parking technology suite is an important part of the destination’s overall

$1 billion modernization and delivers extraordinary convenience and an unmatched customer experience. Parking is now completely ticketless and cash-free for anyone who registers for Westfield’s new Smart Parking service (available via a one-time download of the Westfield App). This service allows visitors to the shopping center to forgo the need to wait in any line to pay parking fees upon leaving. Instead, they can just sail out of the exit lane and get thanked for their visit (with parking fees automatically charged to the credit card registered on their Smart Parking account).


“This frictionless parking suite represents the future of parking,” said Seth Shurtleff, Vice President of Business Development of Sentry Control Systems. “Westfield Century City’s customers now enjoy the most convenient parking experience imaginable. It’s literally hands-free. Because of this frictionless parking suite, customers can be assured of always finding parking, and they just breeze in and out of parking without giving it a thought.”


Westfield Century City’s frictionless parking suite also includes other advanced conveniences. For example, as part of the property’s new Reserved Parking service, shoppers are now able to reserve specific parking spaces prior to visiting the property, with parking guidance technology directing them to the specific space they have reserved. As is the case for Smart Parking, license plate recognition technology identifies the visitor’s vehicle and forwards that information to the payment software – thereby enabling the system to bill a credit card already registered on file.


“This was an extremely complex project,” said Shurtleff. “Westfield has always striven to provide the most convenient and pleasant shopping experience, and that commitment includes parking. With the installation of this technology package, they have succeeded marvelously.”



About Sentry


Sentry, a subsidiary of SKIDATA, is America’s leading parking technology company, providing innovative hardware and software solutions that improve the parking experience while increasing profitability. By installing, building, and managing parking control systems Sentry can help developers and owners of all types conquer their unique parking challenges. Sentry has over three decades of proven expertise and is backed by SKIDATA—an international leader in the field of access solutions and their management. Sentry [] offers comprehensive services that set the standard, including extensive training to assure that customers are getting the most from their equipment, ongoing maintenance, and outstanding support. SKIDATA [] is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss Kudelski Group [].


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About Westfield Century City


Westfield Century City’s highly anticipated $1 billion makeover features the West Coast’s first Eataly, a new three-level Nordstrom, new two-level Macy’s, fully renovated Bloomingdale’s, as well as a premium Equinox fitness club as part of retail and restaurant lineup comprising more than 200 on-trend brands.


The property’s spectacular new design and architecture incorporate beautifully landscaped plazas, secluded lounges, and private cabanas – all nestled underneath a canopy of native trees, plants, and wood-screened trellises.


Just a few minutes from Hollywood and steps away from many of the entertainment industry’s principal offices and studios, Westfield Century City is also now positioned to become a natural hotspot for events and performances on the Westside of Los Angeles. The destination’s new Atrium space has been designed from the ground-up to accommodate concerts, food festivals, movie premieres and film screenings, fashion shows and charity events – everything from large-scale ticketed events to intimate and exclusive black-tie affairs.




Seth Shurtleff

VP of Business Development (617) 417-0170