City of Elizabeth launches new parking and enforcement application MeterFeeder with goal of increasing revenue.

January 26, 2018



City of Elizabeth launches new parking and enforcement application MeterFeeder with goal of increasing revenue.



Pittsburgh (PA) –  The City of Elizabeth is looking to upgrade its parking payments and enforcement system. Elizabeth has decided to work with Braddock, PA based startup Meter Feeder Inc to provide low-cost enforcement tools for their on-street parking  spaces.


MeterFeeder will save the City of Elizabeth thousands of dollars in implementation costs thanks to their streamlined ticket management system, and integrated enforcement tools.


MeterFeeder uses state of the art geolocation technology to determine parking spaces and special algorithms to determine prices. The system requires no infrastructure on the streets, so Elizabeth can start making more revenue with little up front cost.


This new system is expected to go live in the coming days and, along with the T.F. Green Airport valet parking facility, makes the second location to start using MeterFeeder in the in the month of January, 2017.


MeterFeeder, Inc was starting in 2014 by co-founders James Gibbs and Daniel Lopretto with the goal of making scalable and cost-effective parking payments management solution for municipalities, large and small.


“Our goal is to make paying for parking so easy, no one ever gets a parking ticket again,” quipped Lopretto, MeterFeeder’s Chief Technology Officer. The firm is working toward that goal with the recent announcement of their, “Pay By Vehicle” platform at the recent Innovation Works’ AlphaLab Demo Day & New Product Introduction event, last November. “Right now we are focusing on autonomous vehicles, but it is a technology that we plan to make available to everyone,” Lopretto continued, “as driverless cars start to appear on our streets Parking Authorities are looking for solutions.”


About Meter Feeder, Inc.


As a technology first company, Meter Feeder, Inc. focuses on usability and efficiency in resolving parking issues. Introducing  smart parking solutions, we streamline the process from enforcement to payments in a few easy steps. To learn more about MeterFeeder’s products and how we can help customize a solution to your parking needs please visit or contact via