Parking Reservation Software Plans for New Version 2.0

January 10, 2018



Parking Reservation Software Plans for New Version 2.0



PRS parking management system to offer targeted parking solutions for partners and customers, with new technology rolling out early 2018.



Leading software provider Parking Reservation Software (PRS) announced today plans to release a major upgrade to their platform smartLUIS, an exceptional real-time central reservation system (CRS) built exclusively for parking.


The upgraded smartLUIS, 2.0 will better serve existing and new clients with enhancements such as a POS system, multi-tiered price optimization, rate management now customized for cruise port and event-based parking, and full interface with Google Analytics. The new release will go live in Q1 of 2018.


The PRS system brings reservation technology and marketing together for a powerful combination that drives parkers to client websites where they can secure online prepaid parking reservations. The technology is driven by a cloud-based CRS and can be optimized for laptops, desktops, tablets and smart phones. Operators have complete control over reservations, payments, dynamic pricing, inventory control, customer loyalty rewards and consumer marketing. The software can also manage multiple parking locations from a CRS that can simultaneously handle pricing and payments and provide reports with real-time information.


On the marketing side, PRS offers a variety of services and products to easily engage a client’s customer base. PRS provides customers with the tools to promote parking location and online booking via a website that is mobile responsive. PRS also offers marketing expertise in social media, email, video and content marketing.


“We are excited about the new smartLUIS 2.0 release because it keeps PRS in the lead in the fast-moving parking industry in terms of utilizing technology and meeting the needs of customers of all sizes,” says PRS CEO Bill Plamondon. “Already the most comprehensive reservation software in parking, the new release allows PRS to provide innovative solutions for everything from the latest PARCS technologies to end user preferences. PRS is uniquely designed to meet the rising demands of both the transportation industry and consumers.”


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About Parking Reservation Software (PRS)

PRS is a scalable parking software solution for privately owned or government entity parking operations. Built to help operations run smoothly, increase reservations through marketing services and enhance customer experience, PRS is a comprehensive solution for any size parking operation. PRS has extensive experience in a variety of parking niches such as off-airport parking, off-cruise port parking, hotel parking, downtown parking and event parking.



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