I miss you Joyce

February 23, 2018

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I miss you Joyce



Last night when John Van Horn called me and said sit down I will give you the worst news you have ever heard, I thought he has cancer or something happened to Robyn his wife our co-worker, another boss.  Then he said: Joyce died.  I thought you are nuts.  Joyce just have a flu.  That is it: Joyce just have a flu.  My beloved teammate and the treasured friend died from a flu last night.


Joyce was light.  Crazy light blinding me sometimes but light.  Joyce was life.  Joyce is life.  And passion and truth and kindness.  And in this body she is no longer.


I have so much to say about Joyce.  I love her and I miss her.  I am a Zombie today in ultimate shock as I have never experienced.


I know Joyce is ok.  Callous how it sounds her soul is great.  Living in the brightest light, serving, saving lives and lives of cats,  but I am the schmuck left behind.  Our magazine is.  Our team is.


I am so fortunate to have the most human egalitarian compassionate boss in John Van Horn, still I am so hurting.  My beloved friend my sunshine girl in this form is gone.  Why?  Too soon.


I ask you to pray for Joyce Newman.  I love her. And darn Joyce, I miss you so much!


With all of my heart and soul,


Astrid Ambroziak


Astrid Ambroziak

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