February 20, 2018





Berlin, 20 February 2018: Parkling’s new technological solution for street parking has been recognized by the city of Stockholm, a global leader in smart cities.



Parkling, a leading company in collecting and using on-street data, has been selected as one of two winners of Stockholm’s Traffic Administration contest. The aim of the contest is to explore the potential of new technological solutions for monitoring on-street parking, and for offering residents and visitors to Stockholm a better parking experience.

As the top-ranking winner, Parkling has gained the right to proceed to a practical demonstration in Stockholm’s residential suburb Årsta, starting in Q2 2018.

In a consortium with APCOA, Genetec, and Agendum, Parkling will detect and identify parked vehicles as well as parking violations using unique sensor fusion technology. In addition Parkling will digitize physical parking signs.

Parkling’s app, which is already available in the Swedish Android app store, will guide the way towards free parking opportunities. By June 2018, Årsta residents and visitors can expect to engage with a parking heatmap and use Parkling’s optimal parking search path.

Parkling CEO Detlev Hülsebusch comments: “The entire Parkling team is very excited about winning the Stockholm competition. It shows that Parkling is well on its way as an innovator in using data for parking, enforcement, and autonomous driving. ”

Thomas Sjöström, project leader from Stockholm’s traffic administration explains the decision: “Setting Parkling apart was their innovation in integrating LIDAR technology with ANPR cameras, and the potential to scale on any vehicle.”

About Stockholm’s innovation contest and “CIVITAS Eccentric”

Stockholm’s innovation contest is part of “CIVITAS Eccentric”, an initiative to demonstrate the potential of integrated & inclusive urban planning approaches, innovative policies and emerging technologies in five different cities. This initiative has received funding from the EU´s Horizon 2020 research & innovation program.

About Parkling

Parkling’s vision is to improve peoples’ life through data. Using proprietary LIDAR technology, advanced data science methods and user-centric design, Parkling drives innovation in on-street parking, on-street enforcement and on-street mapping for autonomous vehicles.

The company launched in 2016 in Berlin, where their mobile app provides user-centric parking predictions for over 1.800km of streets. Their 15-strong team, consists of highly skilled data scientists and software engineers.

Parkling’s partners in Stockholm are APCOA, Europe’s leading operator of off-street parking garages, Genetec, a world-wide leader in ANPR camera technology and Agendum, a leading ANPR software provider.