Two Technologies Introduces New Product

February 27, 2018



Two Technologies Introduces New Product


N5Z1 – New Ultra-Rugged all-in-one Handheld Computer by Two Technologies.



Horsham, Pennsylvania – January, 2018

Two Technologies, the leading manufacturer of ultra-rugged all-in-one handheld devices in North America, which prides itself on manufacturing rugged handheld computers and terminals has just released its latest product.

“We are thrilled to announce the N5Z1. We have truly taken the users experience to a new level with this product. This highly sophisticated, user friendly handheld will help to provide our clients with a next generation device that is equipped with significant new features”, says General Manager, Roger Mick. “We have many great products and the N5Z1 just adds to that list.”

Some of the features that you will find in the N5Z1 include:

Android 7 Operating System

Advanced Power Management

Increased Run Time

Improved Display Resolution

Global GSM Radio Capability

Improved Camera

The N5Z1 still has the same IP65 rating, hot swappable battery and ultra-rugged all-in-one solution as its predecessor, the N5. The N5 units are currently being used throughout the US as a go to solution for Parking Enforcement and E-Citations for Moving Violations. The N-Class devices are the only units of their kind that are Android based and can print, scan and take payments all from one device while still being ultra-rugged. In addition, the unit can be used for Fingerprint ID, Code Enforcement and Credit Card Payments.


To learn more about the N5Z1, contact sales at 215-441-5305, email, or visit the Two Technologies website at




About Two Technologies

You may not know our name or recognize our logo, but you’ve seen our products – every day, throughout the world. Two Technologies has been designing and manufacturing customizable, ultra-rugged mobile, industrial hand held computers and hand held terminals for government, industrial and commercial applications since 1987.

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