ParkMan USA LLC: Next generation parking technology to debut in downtown Hell’s Kitchen (NYC)

March 20, 2018


Next generation parking technology to debut in downtown Hell’s Kitchen (NYC)



Following last year’s successful soft launch in Denver, CO, the award-winning mobile parking platform ParkMan has recently struck a partnership with NYC-based Enterprise Parking Systems and will gradually be rolling out its newly refurbished platform in NYC starting on March 21st, 2018.



The CEO of ParkMan USA LLC, Patrick Kongsbak, commented that the company’s recent stateside expansion has been a lasting priority after years of dedicated effort and expansion within Europe.

“ParkMan is currently available in seven markets globally of which the

U.S. is the most significant. We’ve done extremely well in Europe and are very pleased to have partnered with a customer-centric and major local player like Enterprise Parking Systems for our launch here in NYC,” he said.

A full-fledged parking platform for providers

The new ParkMan CRM platform offers considerable untapped potential by letting providers connect directly with their customers. It also includes tools for customer retention and maximizing occupancy based on key insights into customers’ parking behavior, real-time supply/demand statistics and customizable promotions.

Patrick Kongsbak added that the Nordic company will be carefully monitoring the launch and optimizing performance to accommodate for changing needs: “We’re extremely thrilled for the first two Enterprise lots to go live on March 21st, and hopefully, we will be rolling out  more soon. It’s paramount to us that our partner is happy, so we will be watching this and future launches very closely”.

For more information about the company and its CRM platform, please visit The parking app is available for both iOS and Android devices.








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