Split introduces 1.500 smart on-street parking spaces with Nedap

March 13, 2018




Split introduces 1.500 smart on-street parking spaces with Nedap



The city of Split in Croatia selected Nedap to improve on-street parking. Nedap’s SENSIT, a sensor-based vehicle detection system, is implemented for a total of 1.500 parking bays in three paid parking zones. On and off street parking in Split is managed by the public entity Split Parking. In this project, Nedap closely cooperates with the Croatian companies Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Profico and Infoart.


Smart parking Split

Split Parking manages and controls on and off street parking in Split, the second-largest city in Croatia. The city is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and is a popular destination for tourists. Split is the first Croatian city to introduce an integral solution for smart parking in Croatia. The Smart Parking Split project represents a big step forward in the field of mobility in smart cities in Croatia and is awarded with the ‘Smart Mobility Award 2017’.


After a successfully implemented pilot project, Nedap partners with Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Profico and Infoart. Ericsson Nikola Tesla – an associated company of the Ericsson Group – is system integrator and responsible for the city wide implementation of the ICT solution for smart parking. The centralized software is developed by the Split-based company Profico. Infoart is the leading provider of mobile payment solutions in Croatia. The application is available for all mobile platforms and integrates new and existing systems for on and off street parking from Split Parking.


Real-time parking data

Real-time vehicle occupancy data from 1.500 parking spaces at 43 different locations in the streets of Split is detected by Nedap SENSIT. SENSIT consists for wireless bay-mounted sensors that detect whether or not a single parking bay is occupied and how long it has been occupied. The sensors are connected to the central system through a wireless network of relay nodes and data collectors.


Improving the parking experience

“During the pilot phase, Nedap’s SENSIT has proven to be the leading sensor-based vehicle detection system for on-street parking applications,” says Marko Bartulić, Director of Split Parking. “Split has a total 7.000 parking spaces divided over three paid parking zones. Combined with 92.000 registered vehicles and being a tourist hub, a smart approach for both on and off street parking is extremely important. The first goal is to improve the overall parking experience for our citizens. Therefor Split Parking introduced a brand new mobile parking application. The app integrates all parking in Split and can be used by motorists helping to find an available parking space effectively and ensuring a smooth running mobile payment process. The interest for the app is huge: in just three days over 6.000 people downloaded the application.”


Besides an improved parking experience for citizens, Split Parking would like to make the city more attractive for visitors and tourists. Additionally, to specific user groups such as disabled people and tourist coaches a better service can be offered. The smart parking solution is also used by Split Parking to closely manage, analyze and control the usage of single parking spaces in real time.


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