Flowbird Group: Springdale, UT Looking To Ease Parking Congestion Near Zion National Park

April 02, 2018


Springdale, UT Looking To Ease Parking Congestion Near Zion National Park


City is implementing paid parking system supplied by Flowbird Group



Flowbird, the new name of recently merged parking and transit ticketing leaders Parkeon and Cale, has announced that the company will be implementing a new paid parking system in the Town of Springdale, UT.  The paid parking system will allow Springdale to easily manage and control parking inventory, while providing a positive visitor experience for patrons.


The Town of Springdale serves as the gateway entrance to Zion National Park, which welcomes over 4 million visitors per year. Free parking with no time limits has proven difficult to manage.  The Town’s parking fee structure will be designed to free up on-street parking spaces.

“We want to encourage people to park in off-street parking lots so those lots fill up first,” said Tom Dansie, Community Development Director for the Town of Springdale.

In addition to helping control where vehicles park, the new system will help the Town improve its infrastructure.  Revenue from the parking system will go towards capital costs and operating expenses.  Excess revenue will go towards future transportation projects.

“The Springdale community sees this project as a way to build for a better transportation future,” said Dansie.

The new parking system will be completely cashless, consisting of Flowbird’s Parkeon StradaPAL multi-space pay stations, and Whoosh! mobile payment application.  The system will function using Pay-by-Plate technology, using a customer’s individual license plate for enforcement. This makes it possible for mobile app users to get notified when their parking time is about to expire and extend their time right from the app.

Flowbird’s Parkeon system was selected for several factors including the company’s excellent reputation, years of experience, and strong customer service.  The system is expected to be deployed by mid-April.



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