Nedap ensures fast ground transport access at Auckland Airport

April 11, 2018



Nedap ensures fast ground transport access at Auckland Airport


While 15 million passengers travel through Auckland Airport every year already, this number is anticipated to grow rapidly in the upcoming years. The Ground Transportations Plan was redesigned to ensure that service levels required meet the demands of the many passengers. To offer extremely reliable, fast and secure access to all ground transport vehicles, Nedap’s TRANSIT and MOOV were installed.




15 million passengers a year

Auckland Airport is the major connection between the world and “the land of the long white cloud”. Over 70% of visitors enter or leave New Zealand via Auckland Airport, which handles over 19 million passengers a year. More than 20 international airlines serve Auckland Airport, Australasia’s third busiest international airport, after Sydney.As New Zealand’s major transport hub, Auckland Airport is continually developing the capacity and services to ensure it will sustainably cope with an anticipated 40 million passengers a year by 2044, reflecting New Zealand’s growing popularity as one of the world’s leading tourism destinations.


Ground Transportations Plan

In response to this expected growth, the Ground Transportations Plan was redesigned to ensure that service levels required meet passenger demands. All ground transport vehicles (such as taxis, tour buses, emergency services and other commercial vehicles) are automatically registered by the TRANSIT as they pass through the restricted areas, only accessible for authorised vehicles using Nedap’s Compact Tags.


Each transport vehicle is identified up to 10 meters by Nedap’s TRANSIT readers. As soon as the vehicle approaches this high-end vehicle identification reader, the vehicle is automatically identified, ensuring a fast and secure traffic flow without any congestion. A wide variety of vehicles of different heights are accurately identified in each lane, which is key for any transaction based charging solution


Independent control system

The TRANSIT readers are connected to Nedap’s MOOV VMC system. The  MOOV VMC offers an independent control system that registers and records each transaction. The MOOV VMC application controls the entire vehicle access to the restricted Ground Transport areas.


The MOOV VMC Lite is connected to the existing barriers on site. Nedap’s TRANSIT readers and controllers are installed at the entrance and exit to the taxi and bus holding area. In addition each vehicle entering and existing the domestic and international terminals are registered using the Nedap TRANSIT and MOOV VMC system. Each controller is connected to a central web application. A service portal is available to monitor the status of each controller for each location, enabling easy remote management and control.


Martyn Brewer, Commercial Manager Ground Transportation at Auckland Airport, says: “the Nedap Transit system provides a reliable solution for access by a large fleet of commercial vehicles.   Auckland Airport is embracing new inovative technology and the Nedap solution is a direct example of leading solutions.”


Proven airport solution

Nedap’s TRANSIT has proven itself world-wide in airport applications, where security and fast identification are the key to ensuring traffic flow on the airport. Extremely reliable identification is the basis for transaction based payment processing.  The TRANSIT readers and MOOV vehicle management controllers record over 30.000 transactions per month.


Account based payment solution

Each transaction with exact date and time is transferred to Advam’s GroundTransport system for payment processing of each transaction. GroundTransport is the leading traffic management solution that allows operators to manage traffic flow for taxis, limousines and buses. It facilitates the entry, exit and tolling of ground transport vehicles, whilst easing congestion and improving the overall passenger experience.


The account based solution allows drivers to register online and self-manage their funds. Once registered, drivers can seamlessly enter, exit and pay for access to nominated ground transport areas. The GroundTransport system receives the data on each transaction from the Nedap’s vehicle management controllers and Nedap’s TRANSIT system enabling the airport to easily manage the traffic flow and provide an automated solution for ground transport vehicles.


Secured vehicle access

Next to the Ground Transport application, Nedap’s TRANSIT readers are also installed at the airport to facilitate automatic long range secured vehicle access to restricted areas of the airport. The TRANSIT readers are integrated into the existing access control system provided by CEM. Authorised vehicles use a Window Button to get access to the restricted zone.


The system has been supplied by supplied by ISCS New Zealand, Nedap’s distribution partner in New Zealand.