TIBA Opens Direct Office in California to be Led by Malloy Pohrer

April 17, 2018

TIBA Opens Direct Office in California to be Led by Malloy Pohrer





LOS ANGELES, CA (April17,2018) – TIBA Parking Systems is launching a local office in California to serve Los Angeles and San Francisco.



This TIBA initiative will be spearheaded by Malloy Pohrer as the General Manager of TIBA in California. Pohrer joins TIBA with 25 years of executive level experience in the parking industry. 

Prior to joining TIBA, Pohrer managed all California business activity as Vice President with Amano McGann. 

Pohrer began his career in the parking industry in 1993 as a sales engineer with Amano Cincinnati in Atlanta. He then moved into operations as a Branch Manager and later became Vice-President at McGann Associates where he was responsible for the startup of multiple branch locations. In 2007, he was promoted to Vice President of Branch Operations and oversaw the day-to-day business operations of all 21 branches in the US. Pohrer was subsequently promoted again to the position of Sr. Vice President of Business Operations. 

 “I am very excited to be joining the TIBA organization and a strong team of professionals cooperatively working on leading the parking industry with the best customer focused solutions. The energy level is high, and I am motivated to lead the efforts to build company success in the direct offices in California,” said Pohrer. 

Jon Bowsher, President of TIBA North and South America, added, “TIBA is proud to be opening our first direct office in the United States. There is a lot of progress that can be made in California, and we are eager to dramatically increase our PARCS participation to the west coast. We know Malloy is the right person to direct the TIBA team with this initiative because of his previous experience in the industry and leadership abilities.” 

Malloy Pohrer joined the TIBA team on April 2, 2018. 

 About TIBA Parking Systems: 

For 30 years, TIBA has provided innovative solutions for the parking market, resulting in reliable, user-friendly products that lower the price of initial acquisition and the cost of ongoing maintenance. TIBA has successfully implemented this through a focus on software development, while continuing to enhance and support its reliable hardware platforms. This allows owners to keep the capital investment down while still enjoying the latest software functionality. With extensive global experience, TIBA’s robust, scalable architecture enables parking operators to keep pace with the latest trends in centralized operations, automated smart facilities, web reservations and mobile payments. TIBA’s flexible software grants parking operators to be IoT-connected and leverage big data to increase revenue. TIBA’s agile integrations with third party systems empower parking operators to be an integral part of the growing Smart Cities ecosystem. 

TIBA serves parking operators and owners globally, across diverse industries such as hotels & hospitality, airports, universities, shopping centers, hospitals & medical centers, and local, state & federal governments. For more information about TIBA Parking Systems, visit www.tibaparking.com.