The Biggest Automotive Lightweighting Conference In The World Returns To Detroit At The CObo Center

May 17, 2018



The Biggest Automotive Lightweighting Conference In The World Returns To Detroit At The CObo Center



7th Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Detroit Summit
3 Day Summit – 21, 22 & 23 August 2018, COBO Center, Detroit, USA




The transition to a new generation of EV, autonomous and ICEV platforms, architectures and associated lightweight multi-material structures is gaining pace.  This is giving rise to a wide range of opportunities for new technology adoption and engineering innovation, but also creates potentially disruptive challenges for vehicle designers, engineers and their suppliers.

To address these new directions for the automotive industry, we are delighted to announce the 7th Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Detroit Summit – North America’s flagship OEM driven initiative on automotive materials, structures and manufacturing technologies.  This year’s summit returns to the CObo Center to focus on implementing lightweighting innovations & optimizing multi-material architectures for EV’s, autonomous vehicles & next-gen ICEVs.

With an agenda based on extensive research with more than 40 OEMs, the Summit will provide an unrivalled mix of new in-depth technical sessions, case study-led presentations and panel discussions on the hottest issues, enabling greater interaction between speakers and delegates than ever before.  As in previous years, there will be an adjoining exhibition hall showcasing the latest technologies, advanced materials and manufacturing processes for Body In White.

NEW for 2018 – Key Technical Focus & Innovation Areas include:

In-depth exploration of innovations toward EVs and autonomous vehicles – the automotive industry’s key focus for investment and development:
Explore new architectures, structures – whether predominantly steel, aluminum, or mixed-material – and battery integration strategies that offer best performance and improved crashworthiness that meet stringent safety regulations

Specific coverage of main vehicle segments and different design philosophies in choice of architectures, body structures and advanced materials:
Focus on EVs and next-gen ICEVs in SUVs, crossovers, city cars, sedans, luxury high performance EVs and electric commercial vehicles.

Increased focus on innovation in materials, structures and enhanced manufacturability reflecting the evolution in vehicle platforms and architectures:
Showcase of the most innovative BIWs for engineers evaluating the latest technical advancements in forming, joining, coating and testing processes first hand
How to get the most out of using lightweight materials and combine them effectively.

Greater networking and interactive discussion opportunities with leading OEMs and recent start-ups in EV and autonomous vehicles:
Introducing technical leaders and chief engineers in advanced design, body engineering,  simulation and predictive modeling, lightweight high strength metals and composites, manufacturing processes and automation.

Do not miss this interactive and dynamic industry gathering for automotive engineers and technology innovators in materials and structures. The agenda with speaker line-up will be announced shortly.

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