Universal Barrier System launch Evolution – the revolutionary surface mounted barrier base that can be rapidly deployed, saving the industry valuable time and money

May 03, 2018





Universal Barrier System launch Evolution – the revolutionary surface mounted barrier base that can be rapidly deployed, saving the industry valuable time and money.




Universal Barrier Solutions Ltd has launched the Evolution pre-formed, surface mounted barrier base. Set to revolutionise the security and parking industries, the Evolution will make the job of installing barriers quicker and easier, whilst also being a cost effective and eco-friendly solution.



UBS Managing Director John Pye said “We are delighted to bring this product to market, it is a real game changer. The material and installation cost savings, wider operational efficiencies as well as longer-term maintenance options are all significant advantages. ¬†Industry feedback from barrier manufacturers, installation companies and the car park management sector all widely acknowledge the obvious benefits that the Evolution solution offers, when compared against traditional excavation and construction methods.”

Made out of pre-formed engineered rubber, the Evolution bases can be used for the deployment of automatic vehicle barriers, ticket reading and dispensing machines, intercom posts and ANPR bollards.

The surface mounted barrier base removes the need for civils, thus reducing the cost and disruption of making lane separation at vehicle entry and exit points. The modular base sections can be surface fixed with no need for excavation or concrete. Fixings allow for re-tightening and relocation, and removal if necessary.

With universal mounting options for various product manufacturers, bases can be configured to construct island sizes with dimensions between 2m and 6m. Each section has integral cable management and can take undulations.

The barrier base can be lowered into position using the supplied lifting eyes, after the installation area has been prepared and any ducting and cable works undertaken. The preformed channels in the underside of the barrier base modules and surface draw pit provide cable management. An engineer injects anchor resin into fixing hole; pushes the nylon plug into place and taps the bolt on top until it sits flush with the unit; then tightens the bolts to the maximum available torque using a mechanical impact driver. Options for multiple barriers, readers, ANPR and intercom configurations are available.

Oliver Ridgwick, Managing Director of Synergy Security Systems Ltd said “The Evolution barrier base is really quick and easy to install, instead of taking 3 to 4 days to excavate the site and install a concrete plinth – this option takes half a day to a day. The job’s done quickly and my team can move onto other projects faster.”

Watch theinstallation video to see for yourself how easy it is to install.

The Evolution barrier base is available now from UBS channel partners – FAAC UK Ltd, Newgate Ltd, NICE UK Ltd and Parking Facilities Limited.

To find about more about the Evolution barrier baseplease contact Stewart Phillips, Sales Director, Universal Barrier Solutions, sphillips@universalbarriersolutions.co.uk, 01709 792222 or 07967139147.


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