AppyTeam expands with mapping and mobility heavyweights. 

June 20, 2018



AppyTeam expands with mapping and mobility heavyweights. 




AppyParking has announced two new heavyweight hirings to continue to bolster its global position as a leading smart city kerbside management platform, which enables drivers of today and connected vehicles of tomorrow to interact freely with the kerb.



The two key players joining AppyParking to help Hubert and his expanding team are Ben Boutcher-West and Minesh Naran.


‘I’m very flattered and excited that two great specialists from different and emerging sectors have decided to leave very established and respected companies and join our mission to ‘Make Parking Forgettable’’ says Dan Hubert CEO and Founder of AppyParking.


‘Intelligent mobility is the next big thing, but until now there’s currently been a virtual roadblock preventing any vehicles from moving efficiently through all cities. Our platform provides local authorities with an ‘Air Traffic Control’ system giving complete control of their kerbside, allowing them to manage and monetise one of their most undervalued commodities.’


Ben Boucher-West previously worked at Bosch’s Global Mobility Team in London where he was Automotive Lead for Surface Mobility Solutions. Before that he was Lead Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Boucher-West’s new role as Head of Mobility is geared towards him becoming the essential gel between cities across the world and the automotive and navigation sector.


Boutcher-West says ‘My move to AppyParking is a personal one; to get my hands on some world class on-street technology, to remove consumer complexity and friction in a digital world and develop further revenue from one of the first profitable pieces of the new mobility ecosystem. We can make that difference, contribute to social and environmental change and prove that even the smallest firm can have a seat at the high table of traditional corporatism.’


Minesh Naran will join as Head of Sales. He previously worked at Buchanan Computing Ltd as Head of Sales for Transport and Highways. Experienced in Geographic Information Systems within the Public Sector, Minesh has a long and valuable history in the technology and services industry across cloud computing, procurement, management and analytics.


‘There are huge demands on the parking industry to deliver better services to help connected and autonomous vehicles navigate the complex roadside network and I’m looking forward to offering tomorrow’s solutions, today’ says Naran.


Both Ben and Minesh will start in July 2018 and more news will follow shortly about other strategically significant hirings.



Dan Hubert CEO

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About AppyParking


Dan Hubert founded AppyParking in 2013 when tried to park outside The Royal Albert Hall and found it a near impossible task, thanks to confusing signposts and crammed parking bays. He decided he wanted to make parking simpler.

AppyParking™ is more than just another parking app. We’re a connected car and intelligent kerbside management solution that provides a platform for the fragmented public and private sector to manage their on and off-street parking and traffic managementdata.

The Parking Platform™ understands every possible rule, restriction and tariff and provides the world’s first standardised parking and traffic management data set. Available as an API, app and web application, AppyParking not only saves drivers time, money and parking fines but save cities from congestion and most importantly pollution.



AppyParking is Europe’s most awarded parking app and has been awarded cross-sector by the parking industry, the automotive industry and the general public.

AppyParking has won two innovation awards in the prestigious British Parking Awards and was recently voted the 15th most disruptive company in the world.