City launches new end-to-end parking management solution with Passport

June 18, 2018



City launches new end-to-end parking management solution with Passport


Mobile parking, permits and citation management platform available in Ferndale





Ferndale, Mich. (June 18, 2018) — The City of Ferndale, Mich., announces the launch of a new end-to-end parking solution with Passport. The new system includes ParkFerndale, a modern mobile parking application that allows drivers to pay for their parking through their smartphones, a citation management platform and permit options for residents of Ferndale. The parking solution is completely powered by the global leader of mobile payments for parking and transit, Passport. The system will streamline the City’s parking operations providing more accuracy and convenience to both the City and drivers, integrating both the mobile pay, permits and citation management systems together on the same platform.


With the Passport citation management platform and parking platform, the two systems will run congruent with one another for a seamless client experience. The City’s enforcement officers can efficiently issue citations using wireless handheld devices and Bluetooth printers. Enforcement officers are empowered knowing that they can monitor parking, conduct digital chalking and immediately upload pictures of violations. The real-time data transfer allows parking administrators to access citation information in real time upon ticket issuance through Passport’s back office platform.


The new system also has a built-in Scofflaw violation tool to provide officers with instant repeat offender information. With the platform, Ferndale has the ability to track enforcement officers in real time, pull ticket density reports and analyze parking patterns to continuously improve transportation in the city. Passport’s powerful back end portal provides real-time reporting and analytics for the City to make data-driven decisions regarding Ferndale’s parking.


“One parking solution designed to handle all the City’s needs gives Ferndale the advantage of having a first-rate operation where everything from parking to enforcement and permits are connected,” said Ferndale Assistant City Manager, Joseph Gacioch. “This system better-equips our City with the latest technology, more precise data and the best tools to monitor and manage our transportation efforts.”


“Whether you’re a resident who needs to pay for parking or an enforcement officer overseeing the city’s on-street parking Passport provides a solution that supports the city and in turn, its citizens,” said Passport’s Tom Wiese. “When a city leverages real-time data they can make data-driven decisions that are right for their community.”


Passport is the industry’s leading mobile technology solution specializing in enterprise business applications and payments for the public and private sectors. In Michigan, Passport powers the citation management platforms in Flint and St. Joseph. It is the No. 1 mobile pay provider with millions of transactions per year in the state.

The ParkFerndale app is free to download through the App Storeor Google Play. Users can also manage their parking at Annual, quarterly, and monthly business permits are available, as are residential permits. Permits may be purchased at


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