Cleverciti shows the first 3D outdoor digital parking display for combined wayfinding and advertising

June 13, 2018




Cleverciti shows the first 3D outdoor digital parking display for combined wayfinding and advertising



Parkex, Coventry, 13 – 14 June 2018: Leading parking technology provider Cleverciti Systems is showcasing Circ360™ (Stand E48), the industry’s first 360 degree real-time digital signage solution for pole and aisle wayfinding.



Circ360™ is an omnidirectional floating LED sign that displays live parking information in 360 degrees. Quickly mounted on existing lampposts of any size, multiple displays are easily located directly above parking spaces making them ideal for a range of dynamic on-street and open-air digital signage applications. These include local parking availability, advertising, smart city data, security notifications and more.

“Our Circ360™ digital signage solution is designed for on-street and outdoor parking areas such as those at airports, casinos, shopping centres, stadia and theme parks,” said Markus Grauvogl, Vice President Sales EMEAR, Cleverciti Systems. “Cities, venue owners and parking operators can now enhance the motorist and customer experience by turning the often time consuming and stressful chore of parking into a much more straightforward procedure.”

The Circ360™ is the latest addition to the Cleverciti Systems smart parking platform now in daily operation in 19 countries. Its high-precision overhead parking sensors and innovative Cockpit management software empower cities and property owners to manage parking in a more intelligent and efficient way. Cleverciti Systems helps reduce traffic congestion and emissions, while dramatically improving the parking experience for consumers. It also helps grow revenues for cities, property owners and operators.

About Cleverciti Systems GmbH:

Cleverciti Systems has developed a world-class, end-to-end solution for parking detection, guidance and monitoring for on-street and outdoor parking. Cleverciti Systems aims to become the global smart parking leader by helping cities reducing traffic and pollution, allowing drivers to enjoy a seamless parking experience, and enabling infrastructures’ owners to maximize their returns. This will be achieved by scaling its current solution and staying at the forefront of disruption through continuous R&D. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany with offices in Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area.