FLOWBIRD Selected Through State of Washington Competitive Solicitation

June 18, 2018




FLOWBIRD Selected Through State of Washington Competitive Solicitation



Contract to save cities from going through individual bidding process




Flowbird Group, the name of recently merged parking and transit leaders, Parkeon and Cale, has been chosen by the State of Washington as an approved vendor for single and multi-space parking meter systems for all government entities and public benefit non-profits within the State.


Through a competitive solicitation for parking payment systems, conducted in partnership with the State of Washington Department of Enterprise Services, agencies in the State of Washington can contract directly with Flowbird instead of going through an individual bidding process due to the signing of Washington State Master Contract # 04417.


This contract is open to a broad spectrum of agencies including:

  • State Agencies
  • State Boards,
  • State Commissions
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Offices of Separate Elected Officials
  • Local Government Agencies
  • Federal Agencies
  • Washington State Tribal Entities
  • Public Benefit Non-profits


These agencies can choose from a wide range of Flowbird products, from both the Cale and Parkeon lines, to help manage their paid parking or admission pass systems. The contract includes the latest models of Cale’s full-color CWT Touch, Parkeon’s StradaPAL with a 7” full-color display screen, and mobile payment apps such as Whoosh! and WaytoPark.


Agencies can also take advantage of a host of Flowbird CLOUD services such as reporting, advanced Data Analytics, mapping, City news, localized coupons, text reminders, and citation payment at the meter.


The State of Washington Department of Enterprise Services went through a thorough evaluation process including a Request for Information, Request for Proposals, and vendor interviews. The evaluation committee was made up of State of Washington governmental agencies.


“We are extremely pleased about becoming an approved vendor for the State of Washington,” said Benoit Reliquet, President of Flowbird North America. “This collective procurement will allow entities throughout the State to improve their parking operations quickly and benefit from the most advanced technology roadmap using a quality parking system that has gone through an exhaustive vetting process.”



Currently, Flowbird supports over 40,000 parking pay stations for 600 customers throughout the U.S. This project allows the company to continue its rapid expansion across the State of Washington where Flowbird already provides solutions for more than 30 clients.  The contract began on May 8th, 2018 for a period of 6 years


About Flowbird

Parkeon and Cale have merged to become FLOWBIRD: Urban Intelligence. Flowbird operates in over 5,000 cities and 70 countries, using a cloud-based solution to help clients ease traffic congestion and efficiently manage their parking and transit systems.  Our significant expertise and strong investment into research and development allow us to deliver products and digital services that will help us improve individual journey experiences and make our communities better.