Humanitarian Yo-Yo Ma visits MeterFeeder hometown to celebrate it’s cultural revival

June 08, 2018



Humanitarian Yo-Yo Ma visits MeterFeeder hometown to celebrate it’s cultural revival.




Braddock (PA)– World renowned musician, cellist, and humanitarian Yo-Yo Ma visited MeterFeeder’s hometown of Braddock, PA today to recognize the successful cultural revival of the community. Mr. Ma is known for his work in using music to bringing cultures and communities together.




Mr. Ma took a walking tour of Braddock art installations, spaces, and local businesses in the morning, and ended with a cultural conversation in the afternoon at the Greater Valley Community Services Rec Room where he discussed the work of Braddock civic leaders, local artists, and business owners. The John F. Kennedy Center is hosting the event through their Arts Across America campaign. The goal of the initiative is “to uplift and celebrate the unexpected, undiscovered, and everyday communities that are committed to using the arts to promote connection, a strong creative economy, and increased cultural citizenship”.


MeterFeeder,a minority owned company, is proud to be a part of this growing, changing, and thriving community. CEO Jim Gibbs had this to say: “I’m so excited that this community and its talented citizens are being recognized by a man such as Yo-Yo Ma. They really deserve all the recognition that they are getting, and I’m happy to be here to celebrate with them.”


MeterFeeder joined the Braddock community in the summer of 2016. Moving their headquarters–from Mountain View, CA to the Pittsburgh suburb–the MeterFeeder team wanted to position themselves to work, hands-on, with the small to mid-sized municipalities that makeup a large portion of their client-base.


“Building future citiesalso includes building future main streets,“ Mr. Gibbs emphasized, “We are building the systems that to allow the technology improvements that are happening in the top technology centers to be accepted in economically depressed areas.”


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